Russell Brings Out Two Global Funds

October 6, 2010 ( – Russell Investments has launched the Russell Global Infrastructure Fund and the Russell Global Credit Strategies Fund.

A Russell news release said the two funds also have been added to the Russell LifePoints Funds Target Portfolio Series and Russell CoreModel Strategies.

The Russell Global Infrastructure Fund is designed to offer investors access to “real assets,” a category often used by investors looking for enhanced diversification and broader opportunities beyond traditional markets, as well as a potential hedge against inflation. The fund will concentrate its investments in equity securities, including common stocks and preferred stocks of listed infrastructure companies located in all major global regions (including the U.S. market). The concentration will be in developed markets with a marginal allocation to emerging markets. More information is at

The Russell Global Credit Strategies Fund will offer tactical global bond opportunities, focusing on high yield bonds and emerging market debt. The fund’s investments will primarily be in high yield bonds and emerging market debt, but it also will consist of investment-grade securities. More information is at