Russell Plans Global Equity Style Benchmarks

February 27, 2008 ( - Russell Investments has announced plans to launch global style equity indexes on April 1.

The new indexes, to include the Russell Global Large Cap Growth Index and Russell Global Large Cap Value Index, will reflect key growth and value segments of the Russell Global Index, the company said in a news release.

The global style indexes will be designed for a variety of purposes, including the analysis of money managers and the attribution of performance; acting as performance benchmarks for specialist mandates; providing insight into the exposures of market participants to growth or value on a global level; and serving as the basis of the tools for the management of those exposures through derivatives products, exchange-traded funds, and other products.

The company said, in general, its methodology is driven by a view of global equity markets as essentially one large, albeit diverse, investment opportunity, rather than as a series of individual markets.

“As investors flock toward global mandates, they’re looking to us for more robust and transparent tools that reflect distinct market segments similar to what they’ve come to use for the U.S. market,” said Rolf Agather, director of business development for Russell Indexes, in the news release.

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