Russell Strategic Review Provides DB Plan Analyses

October 22, 2007 ( - Russell Investment Group has launched a new asset allocation process that enables defined benefit plan sponsors to comprehensively evaluate the state of their plan and its financial impact on the organization.

Russell Strategic Review assists plan sponsors in identifying the full range of their plan objectives and then incorporating those goals through every element of managing and investing their pension fund, according to a press release. It includes asset/liability modeling, liability driven investment strategies, and the design of return-seeking portfolios.

The solution is comprised of three core components:

  • Needs analysis and data collection – An exercise that goes beyond the pension plan to look at the full organization and its goals and objectives.
  • Analysis – An evaluation of current contribution policies, investment strategy, and asset allocation as well as an integrated risk analysis of benefit, funding, investment, and accounting policies and their impact across various measures of corporate and plan-specific risks.
  • Strategic review and implementation – Helps plan sponsors refine funding policy and investment policy and complements the existing suite of pension management tools at Russell.

Russell Strategic Review was developed in response to demand for more streamlined yet robust processes for strategically managing pension plans in the wake of the Pension Protection Act (PPA) and the Statement of Financial Accounting Standards 158 (FAS 158), the press release said.

“As new regulations and standards place defined benefit plans on the public stage, plan sponsors need solutions that enable them to fully understand the impact their decisions will have not only on the plan’s participants but also on the financial state of the corporation,” said Chris DeMeo, director of investment strategy at Russell, in the press release.

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