SEC Announced INVESCO Market Timing Payment Plan

July 11, 2007 ( -The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has filed a proposed plan to distribute money in a Fair Fund as part of the agency's market timing case against INVESCO Funds Group, Inc., AIM Advisors, Inc., and AIM Distributors, Inc.

The Fair Fund is comprised of $325 million in disgorgement and civil penalties paid by INVESCO Funds Group, Inc., plus accumulated interest.

Under the distribution plan, eligible investors would receive  proportionate shares of the Fair Fund to compensate them for market timing during 2001-2003 in mutual funds for which INVESCO Funds Group, Inc served as the investment adviser (See  Regulators Wrap Up INVESCO, AIM Settlements ).

Those who want to comment on the plan may submit their comments, in writing, no later than August 6, 2007: to  the  Office  of  the  Secretary,  United  States Securities and Exchange Commission, 100 F Street, N.E., Washington, DC 20549-1090; by  using  the  commission’s  Internet  comment  form ( ); or by sending an e- mail to .

Comments submitted by e-mail or via the commission’s Web site should include Administrative Proceeding File Number 3-11701 on the subject line. Comments received will be publicly available.

The proposed distribution plan is available  here .