ShareBuilder 401k Announces New Plan Offer

It is waiving fees for new plan set-ups through December 22.

Through December 22, ShareBuilder 401k is waiving set-up fees on all of its 401(k) plans—fees that normally run between $150 for a self-employed business owner opening a Solo 401(k) and $495 to $995 for businesses with multiple employees.

ShareBuilder 401k is a digital 401(k) provider specializing in low-cost, all-ETF [exchange-traded fund] retirement products and resources for small- to mid-sized companies, including owner-only businesses.

“401(k)s offer significant tax and saving benefits that can also help in recruiting and retaining talent,” says Stuart Robertson, CEO and president of ShareBuilder 401k. “With access to Roth, penalty-free loans, vesting options and new contribution limits of $19,500 in 2021, 401(k)s help business owners and their employees build meaningful nest eggs while better managing taxes.”

At a time of year when business owners are scrambling to close out their 2021 books, contributions to a 401(k) plan also offer tax relief, the company says.

Plans that are set-up in December can also include an initial 401(k) contribution from the business owner—be it a match or profit share—enabling them to not only provide an important employee benefit for years to come, but to offer a 2021 holiday perk, the company suggests. These employer contributions are tax deductible too.

To help business owners better understand the tax benefits of starting a 401(k) plan, ShareBuilder 401k has issued “Top Tax Reasons to Start a 401(k).”

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