So You Think You Have an "Odd Job?"

January 5, 2007 ( - If you think YOU have an odd job -have you ever thought about becoming a Potato Chip Inspector, a Gum Buster, or a Golf Ball Diver (I mean someone who gets PAID to do it)? reports on some of the odder jobs covered in two books by Nancy Rica Schiff; “Odd Jobs,” and its sequel “Odder Jobs.” Included in the list are:

  • Dice Inspector – Inspect dice used in casinos for lopsided angles, misspotting and other blemishes that could cause error when the dice are rolled for gambling purposes.
  • Dog Food Tester – Taste and analyze dog food samples and write reviews on the results.
  • Doll Doctor – Repair, repaint and reassemble doll parts to doctor-up dolls that have missing, broken or damaged parts.
  • Foley Artist – Use random items and whatever can be found to create and record the noises used to make the sounds effects in films, such as heavy footsteps, rolling thunder or creaking doors.
  • Golf Ball Diver – Search the depths of golf course bodies of water to find lost golf balls to refinish and resell (presumably someone else’s).
  • Gross Stunt Producer – Create new ways to gross out contestants on television shows, using insects, animal products and other things considered that could be considered “gross” by society’s standards.
  • Gum Buster – Remove gum stuck to sidewalks, street benches and other unwanted areas by de-sticking the gum through a steaming process.
  • Knife Thrower’s Assistant – Act as human targets for the knife thrower, which can involve mastering feats such as being tied to a spinning wheel while having knives thrown within inches of their bodies, or having objects cut above their heads.
  • Potato Chip Inspector – Oversee potato chips on an assembly line and check for overcooked or clumped chips to discard.
  • Snow Researcher – Collect and analyze ice crystals in snow to study the effects of pollution on area snowfall.
  • Solfeggist – Listen to recorded music and monitor notes in indistinguishable compositions.
  • Whiskey Ambassador – Drink and explain the proper ways to serve and savor various whiskeys.