Some Printers Emitting Harmful Toner-like Particles

August 1, 2007 ( - Some laser printers give off tiny toner-like materials that could be harmful to the lungs, a study by Australian researchers suggests.

According to a news releasefrom the American Chemical Society, 17 of the 62 printers tested were considered “high particle emitters” because they released such elevated quantities of particles, which the researchers believe to be toner.

During the workday, the levels of these toner-like particles increased fivefold in the office because of printer use.

Thirty-seven of the 62 printers, on the other hand, released no particles that diminished air quality. Six released only low levels and two medium levels, according to the press release.

The study included printer models in the U.S. and Australia such as Canon, HP Color Laserjet, Ricoh and Toshiba brand names.

The full research results can be obtained here .