Spanish Investors Habla Espanol on SEC Site

October 19, 2001 ( ? The Securities and Exchange Commission Web site is going bilingual.
SEC officials announced Friday that they had launched a
Spanish section of the site at

 to help
Spanish-speaking investors access the agency?s services.
The new section will include:
  • spanish translations of the commission’s most popular brochures on investing wisely and avoiding fraud
  • links to Spanish investor education resources offered by other government agencies and industry organizations
  • a special Spanish e-mail address from which investors will get Spanish replies. “Ayuda” means “help” in Spanish.

Recent census data shows that the US Hispanic population has increased by more than 50% since 1990, compared with an increase of only 13.2% for the total US population.

Investors can access the Spanish language information by
clicking on "Informacion en Espanol."