SRI Movement Thriving in US, Worldwide

June 10, 2002 ( - The socially responsible investing (SRI) movement is alive and well around the world, including in the US where the number of SRI companies continue to grow.

According to the latest KPMG Global Sustainability Services (GSS) survey, the number of US companies reporting in 2002 on environmental and social issues jumped 14% to 32 over the last three years.

Some 30% of US companies in the Global Finance Top 250 (GFT250) reported on their environmental, social and sustainability performance in 2002. Worldwide, 45% of the GFT250 companies issued environmental, social or sustainability reports in 2002, compared with 35% three years earlier.

Among companies polled in the GFT250, four sectors registered 100% reporting rates:

  • chemicals and synthetics,
  • transportation,
  • mining, and
  • forestry, pulp and paper


In other results, the US led the 18 other nations in number of companies doing social responsible reporting at 32. In other countries:

  • Japan was next with 28, an increase of 33% from the 21 companies reporting in 1999,
  • Germany had 12,
  • the UK had 11, and
  • France had 7

“As the demand grows for corporate accountability and responsible behavior, many US companies realize they must share their values – as well as their value – with their stakeholders,” said Michael Radcliffe, a KPMG director. “While that message is still working its way across corporate America, companies that embrace this approach are finding that this is just good business sense and that they are rewarded with an enhanced reputation that often leads to greater financial value for the enterprise.” 

Sustainability, or corporate responsibility, refers to the balance among economic, environmental and social factors necessary to keep a company profitable while being responsive to society’s needs.
The current survey was conducted between November 2001 and February 2002 by KPMG practices in 19 countries in conjunction with the University of Amsterdam.

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