State Street Beefs Up Risk Analytics Package

August 19, 2010 ( – State Street has unveiled a set of enhancements to its risk analytics and servicing tools for institutional investors.

A State Street news release said the new offerings include portfolio reallocation tools, economic stress tests, and expanded investment coverage. The company said the new capabilities are integrated into the State Street Investment Analytics Dashboard on, allowing clients to access a more comprehensive view of their investments across risk, performance, alternatives, and compliance.

State Street’s Risk Services include multiple Value at Risk (VaR) calculation methodologies, absolute and relative risk measures, portfolio characteristics, advanced stress-testing, and “what-if” capabilities.   According to the announcement, position-based risk services also deliver a full revaluation methodology with daily (T+1) or monthly reporting and analytics along with data collection, cleansing and augmentation services. 

State Street has also added new Performance and Compliance functionality to the Investment Analytics Dashboard for access to more graphic information, the company said.  Performance heat maps provide color-coded, visual representations of the size and relative or absolute performance of a client’s portfolios with instantaneous ‘drill down’ and ‘drill across’ functionality at all levels of the asset classification hierarchy — including by plan, composite, portfolio, asset class, sector, country, industry or security. 

The new Compliance features enhance online fail management workflows by including new alert charting capabilities and the ability to view all compliance results, not just exceptions, over flexible timeframes for access to all information.