State Street Unveils Financial Accounting Solution

September 21, 2009 ( - State Street Corporation has launched eHorizon, a global accounting system for asset managers and institutional investors.

The systemaccommodatesmultiple accounting bases and providesgreater flexibility in managing complex fund structures such as fund of funds, pooling, master-feeder, and multi-managed arrangements. According to a news release,eHorizon automates allocations based on customer-specified methodologies and calculates accurate net asset values (NAVs) in real time at each level of the fund structure.  

Flexible fund cycles can also be accommodated, allowing customers to customize the methodology for reportingand valuing global portfolios.

“Asset owners and managers are launching more complex fund structures, need to bring products to market faster, and require more global controls around operational risk,” said Pat Centanni, executive vice president and head of global product management for State Street Investor Services, in the announcement. “The infrastructure required to manage the accounting, reporting and valuation of these global fund structures has become significantlymore complex and multi-faceted.”