Study: Newspapers Lead the Way In Online Recruiting Ads

July 17, 2003 ( - When it comes to searching for online job postings, newspapers take the cake, with Web sites like CareerBuilder and Monster not far behind.

Data based on total job posting activity in nearly 100 US markets shows the top three sources, CareerBuilder, Monster and local newspapers, jockeying between 25% and 30% of the total jobs posted, with HotJobs carrying only about 15% of the total. Breaking it down nationally, local newspapers claim nearly 30% of online job postings, followed by CareerBuilder with 29.2%, according to data from industry and marketing firm Corzen.

However, these statistics changed when the study compared performance in large markets versus smaller markets. For the month of June, in the largest 20 US markets, CareerBuilder had a 29.8% online recruitment market share followed closely by Monster with a share of 29.6%. Local newspapers have a 26% share in the top 20 markets, while HotJobs’s share is just 16.5%.

Comparatively, during the same time period, local newspapers in smaller markets dominated in recruitment market share.

Separately, the data revealed more newspapers are offering Web-only recruitment advertisements. Overall, nearly half of the 250 largest newspapers in the US now offer a Web-only help-wanted option for employers placing recruitment ads, with an average price tag for a 30-day ad at $196.