Survey: Americans 'Working Harder but Enjoying It Less"

December 22, 2003 ( - Even though nearly nine out of 10 workers have to go above and beyond to fulfill their job's requirements and about the same number are "satisfied" with their job, only about two thirds say they're happier at work than they were a year ago.

Those pushing (or being pushed) the hardest – more than the national 88% level – were those aged 25-34 (91%), Hispanics (90%) and those with household income greater than $75,000 (90%), according to a survey by Opinion Research Corporation.

According to the survey, workers who said they were the most satisfied are those with household income above $50,000 (89%) and college graduates (86%). On the other end of the scale, least satisfied included:

  • workers aged 18 to 24 (81%),
  • blacks (81%) and
  • those with household income below $35,000 (80%).

Finally, there was a significant difference in findings between younger employees – aged 18-24 (69%) and aged 25-34 (71%) – and workers aged 55-65 (58%) in job satisfaction levels.

The survey of US employees was conducted from July 10 through December 15, 2003 among 5,173 adults employed full time at firms with at least 50 employees.