Survey Finds Half of Workers Ready for Job Change

January 3, 2007 ( - Nearly half of US workers surveyed by Yahoo! HotJobs said they plan to search for a new job in 2007.

Two-thirds of respondents said they may not actively seek a new job, but would be open to the right one if it came along, according to a press release on the survey results. The number one reason for wanting a job change, cited by 75% of workers surveyed, was not receiving the bonus or raise in 2006 they expected for their 2005 performance.

Other factors revealed by the survey that make employees want a job change included:

  • More than half said they have to work on their days off at least once per month, and more than one-third said they do some aspect of work every single day.
  • Twenty-seven percent think they can get better salaries elsewhere.
  • Nineteen percent do not feel there is any potential for career growth in their current jobs.
  • Nineteen percent want a better benefits package.

The survey found that money was not the number one factor for making workers feel successful in their jobs, the release said. Ninety percent of respondents said they need to have a strong work/life balance and feeling of fulfillment to feel successful.

Many workers hesitate to go after a job, however, mainly due to procrastination.

Data for the survey was collected from 5,331 employed adults in the US using an online survey during the last two weeks of October 2006.