Survey Finds that 85% of Senior Managers "Live" Their Company's Brand

June 7, 2006 ( - The survey found that 85% of senior managers said they demonstrate their organization's brand values in their behavior.

A Mercer Human Resources survey of 125 people that registered for one of the consulting company’s UK seminars, also found that of the senior managers that “live” their company’s brand, 87% believe all or most of their employees are aware of their role in providing a positive experience to clients. That figure drops to 58% when the senior person does not live the company’s brand.

The survey also found that training, development and rewards, reinforce brand philosophy, according to a press release. Of the companies that follow these practices, 93% say most of their employees understand their role in giving clients a positive experience.

“The key aim is to develop employees into knowledgeable brand ambassadors, so they can improve their service to clients and, ultimately, enhance business performance,” said Mercer partner, Jim Matthewman, in a release.

Among organizations that actively promote their external brands in their communication with staff, 90% of respondents said that their employees are fully aware of their role in delivering a positive customer experience, the survey found. That figure dropped to 65% among companies who do not use internal communication to support the external brand.