Survey Finds Worker Ambivalence in Australia, New Zealand

March 28, 2011 ( - More than 60% of the Australian and New Zealand workforce either hate their jobs or couldn't really care less about their work as long as they get a paycheck, a survey reveals.

The New Zealand Herald reports that Leadership Management Australasia asked nearly 4000 respondents in New Zealand and Australia how they felt about their jobs and found nearly half are considering looking for a new job while 62% either hate or are ambivalent about their work. Specifically, one in six people in the workforce said they hate their jobs, including 17% of business leaders and senior managers, 15% of middle and frontline managers, and 16% of other employees.  

The survey showed 48% of those in lead or senior management positions have a neutral view of their jobs, while 28% of leaders said they love what they do.  

According to the news report, more than half of those surveyed considered looking for a new job, while 21% are actively seeking new work and 13% have handed their resumes over.  

The research found that work hours, work/life balance and hours paid for were no different for employees with positive, neutral or negative attitudes to their jobs. Twenty-eight percent of those with negative attitudes of their work are less motivated to look for work on the basis of better opportunities for career growth and development compared with 37% of those who are positive.  

Those with negative views of their jobs are also less likely to be in organisations offering training and development opportunities, the news report said.