Survey: Flexibility for Moms a Workplace Point of Contention

May 9, 2007 ( - About 70% of employees do not think working moms get more of a break than everyone else, but nearly 60% of working men say flexibility for working mothers causes some resentment among coworkers.

According to the survey of 1,900 workers by Adecco USA, 82% of U.S. workers say working moms are just as productive as employees who aren’t parents and 44% of moms who work say flextime helps them be more productive.

Other results of the survey include:

  • 36% of respondents say moms’ flexibility negatively affects team dynamics;
  • 31% say employee morale is also adversely affected; and
  • 88% of U.S. workers say they admire working moms’ ability to “do it all” when it comes to work and family.

“Mother’s Day is an excellent time to celebrate all of the great things mothers do, as well as recognize their workplace achievements and ability to successfully juggle home life and career,” said Bernadette Kenny, chief career officer of Adecco, in a news release. “American workers realize the abilities working moms possess, but our survey findings show that employers have some work to do to manage the perceptions and attitudes many employees have toward the special arrangements provided to working moms.”