SURVEY SAYS: Best and Worst Super Bowl XLVII Commercials

February 11, 2013 – Last week, I asked NewsDash readers to weigh in on their favorite and least favorite Super Bowl XLVII commercials.

The clear winner, with one-third of respondents’ votes, was Budweiser The Clydesdales: “Brotherhood.” Second choice, with 20% of votes, was Ram Trucks “Farmer.”   

Audi “Prom” and Taco Bell “Viva Yount” tied for third (7%), while Volkswagen “Get In Get Happy” and Tide “Miracle Stain” (6%) tied for fourth. Doritos “Goat 4 Sale” and Skechers GOrun2 “Man vs. Cheetah” rounded out the top five (tied at 4% each).  

Jeep “Whole Again” garnered 3% of votes, and Kia Sorento “Space Babies,” Mercedes-Benz “Soul,” Bud Light “Lucky Chair,” Best Buy “Asking,” Samsung Mobile “The Next Big Thing,” Prudential “Stickers,” E*TRADE Baby and M&Ms “Love Ballad” each reached 1% of votes.  

By far the worst commercial, according to 68% of responding readers, was GoDaddy’s “Perfect Match,” which featured a kiss between a techie geek and a supermodel. “Someone needs to be fired for that one,” one reader said. And another commented: “I will never have anything to do with GoDaddy ever!”   

Beck’s Sapphire and E*TRADE Baby were voted worst by 4% of readers, and Coke Chase received 3% of votes. Volkswagon “Get In. Get Happy,” Ram Trucks “Farmer,” Audi “Prom,” Samsung Mobile “The Next Big Thing,” “Wolf,” Go Daddy “YourBigIdea.CO,” Calvin Klein concept commercial, Lincoln “#SteerTheScript,” Redd’s Apple Ale, Bud Light “Lucky Chair,” Oreo “Whisper Fight,” Century 21 “Wedding,” Skechers GOrun2 “Man vs. Cheetah” and Doritos “Goat 4 Sale” all were selected as worst by 1% of readers.  

Readers who made comments shared reasons behind their votes; one shared a funny story from his or her Super Bowl gathering that was related to the Calvin Klein commercial. But, Editor’s Choice goes to the reader who couldn’t resist a jab about the stadium power outage during the game: “I was hosting a party with a bunch of little ones so I saw very few of the commercials. Therefore, with respect to the vote, I have to admit that I’m “in the d …” (I can’t say it).” 

Thanks to everyone who responded! 


After watching I'll tell you the one thing I'm NOT going to do....drink Budweiser Black Crown. Ridiculous. 


My favorite was the Tide, but the Budweiser with the clydesdale running down the road brought a tear to my eye, while the Go Daddy perfect match had me closing my eyes and begging for a quick end 


Having a brother in the military...I tear up when I even think about the Jeep commercial. So moving and so true. 


the go daddy commercial should have been banded, burnt, whatever so no one ever had to see that terrible commercial I will never have anything to do with Go Daddy ever! 


With a couple of exceptions, I thought most of the commercials were lame this year. 


Loved the Viva Young Taco Bell! Maybe because I'm getting up there in years - but it was refreshing to see a commercial letting people know that you don't have to sit in a rocking chair after 70! 


Never compete with babies or animals - the combination of a baby/animal was just too precious. Almost (but not quite) made me want to have a beer. 


Overall, HUGE disappointment - only 4 made it into my Top Ten list so I have 6 blank lines. 


The commercials were a nice diversion from the commentators inane chattering about the power outage. 


Several good ones, not one really "great" one this year!

Verbatim (cont.)  

I consider myself a nerd and would love to kiss someone that beautiful but come on now, that was just gross! It wasn't a bad idea but the presentation was terrible. Someone needs to be fired for that one. 


Any commercial that uses The Partridge Family theme song is alright with me! 


The Budweiser Clydesdales commercial was definitely the star of the show. They should have put a warning before it started to grab some tissues. I still cry when I watch it! The rest were uninspiring. Maybe our expectations were raised too high with all the hype. The Go Daddy ad was the worst mostly because of the "slobber sounds". 


Loved the Coke commercial you don't have listed, from the beginning of the Super Bowl. 


I was hosting a party with a bunch of little ones so I saw very few of the commercials. Therefore, with respect to the vote, I have to admit that I'm "in the d ..." (I can't say it) 


The worst? All the ads that are violent and/or mean-spirited - so I couldn't pick just one as so many fit those criteria. Sad commentary in so many ways. 


Whoa, (if this is what "it" is all about) I definitely need to get a new life. 


The Calvin Klein commercial got the biggest laugh at our Big Game gathering. "Ruth" was sitting on the front row looking intently at the commercial on the giant screen, when someone called out for her to grab a napkin to catch her drool before it hit the table. Then her BIG husband stood up and flexed his biceps and said, "Ruth" sees that every night. Everyone in the room cracked up including the two of them. 


Also loved the Clydesdales, as always. 


All in all, they weren't that good this year. Not a lot of remarkable ones. 




NOTE: Responses reflect the opinions of individual readers and not the stance of Asset International or its affiliates.