SURVEY SAYS: Best Picture Oscar Winners 2020

NewsDash readers select which 2020 nominee for Best Motion Picture they think should win the Oscar.

Last week, I asked NewsDash readers, “Which 2020 nominee for Best Motion Picture do you think should win the Oscar?”

But first, I asked which of the Best Picture Oscar nominees they’ve seen. No one saw Jojo Rabbit, and no one saw all of them. The movie seen by the most responding readers was Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood, with 25.8% selecting it. Ford v. Ferrari was seen by 6.4% of respondents, The Irishman was seen by 22.6%, and Joker was seen by 3.2%. Nearly two in 10 (19.3%) respondents saw Little Women, 12.9% saw Marriage Story, 6.4% saw 1917, and 3.2% saw Parasite. Nearly 42% of responding readers said they haven’t seen any of the movies nominated.

Though it was only seen by a small number of readers, 1917 was selected by 30.4% as the nominee that should win the Oscar. This was followed by 17.4% who said Little Women should win, and 13% each selected Ford v. Ferrari and The Irishman. Joker, Marriage Story and Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood were each selected by 8.7% of responding readers as being the movie they think should win the Oscar.

Among the few readers who left comments, there seems to be some disdain for the Oscars—either the award itself or the show. One suggested a different movie that should win, and another said the movies he or she had seen were all horrible. There is no Editor’s Choice this week. A big thank you to all who participated in the survey!


Rich people patting themselves on the back.

The real best movie of the year – by far – was Uncut Gems. Great lessons about investing for retirement in it too!

Winning an Oscar has become a real crap shoot. Who knows?

At this point, who cares what the Oscar committee thinks? Enjoy the movies that make you feel something. All the rest is nonsense.

I just realized I haven’t seen any of them…. and I’m okay with that. I look forward to others’ feedback.

I enjoy watching the award shows, but often think the entire event is so over-rated. Hollywood really likes to pat themselves on the back publicly. Where are the awards for the sciences, education, medicine, etc.?

The three movies that I saw were, in my opinion, all horrible. I don’t think any of them should have even been nominated!

Usually the movies I enjoyed are never nominated.