SURVEY SAYS: Clapping for the Colts or Shouting for the Saints?

February 4, 2010 ( - Come Sunday, the nation will turn its attention (if not its TV/radio/browser) to - the Super Bowl.

It is perhaps fitting that it will feature two teams that went through so much of the season without incurring a single loss.It is also perhaps ironic that those same two teams ended their respective regular seasons on a more ignominious note (yeah, I know – holding back for the playoffs).      

That said, this week, I asked readers who they would be backing in the Super Bowl.      

Now, the oddsmakers have it relatively close, and the final score may well be.  But there’s no doubt who this week’s respondents want to see win.  Indeed, nearly half (44.6%) of this week’s respondents said they were going to be “Shouting for the Saints”, considerably more than the 27.4% that indicated they would be “clapping for the Colts.”      

Roughly one-in-five (19.4%) said they would be “cheering for the commercials” (only, in this case – I stipulated for purposes of the survey that nearly everyone is hoping for some entertaining commercials), while the remaining 14.3% said they would be “staying as far away from the game as I can.”

When it comes to deciding how to spend the day, family is often a factor.  “In my house, I have two daughters. One is rooting for the Colts…loves her some Peyton. The other for the Saints…just because!!! I’m watching for the fun! It’s tradition,” noted one.  “Our 6-year-old son is planning a big Super Bowl party (food, decorations, etc.) for this year’s game.  He’s extremely gung-ho about it.  I recently asked him, ‘why didn’t you want to have a party last year?’ – When my team (the Steelers) was playing???,” wondered another. 

“But who will Papa Archie Manning (the former Saints QB) be clapping for?  Now that’s a question I would like an answer to,” opined another.  (Editor’s note:  he says he’s clapping for the Colts – blood is apparently thicker than – well, anything).

Indeed, if you are a Colts fan (“GOOOOOO COOOOOOLTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” said one) – or a Saints fan (“May the Saints go marching in!,” noted another) – the decision of who to support is easy. 

But for those of us whose team isn’t featured…well, here’s some of the calculus that can be involved:

I won a bet on the Saints' win over the Vikings and have doubled down to an expensive bottle of scotch - GEAUX SAINTS!!!

I have 4 teams I support: Texans, Bears, Saints, and Colts, so I have divided loyalties here.  I'm leaning Colts because my wife is an avid Saints fan.  That gives you an idea what our house will be like Sunday.

I only care about the game if the Chicago Bears are playing, so it's extremely rare that I tune in.

The Saints, because New Orleans has better food.

Even though our beloved Vikings lost to the Saints, I will still be cheering for the underdog Saints.  However, I think the Colts will win.

"I have to go for the Colts since the Vikings should be playing in place of the Saints.

Here's my rule . . . I always cheer for the AFC unless it's the Raiders.  (Yes, I am a Raider Hater, or rather a Fader Hater.)  The degree of cheering depends on the specific AFC team, with the Steelers holding the #1 spot where I would be SCREAMING for the Steelers (as I did last year - just ask my neighbors).  There's a slight complication this year, since I'm also a big USC fan, and thereby a Reggie Bush fan.  So, while I don't want Reggie's team to win, I hope he does well.

Being a Green Bay Packer fan for most of my life, I am just so completely happy that Benedict Brett Favre didn't make it to the Big Game with the Vikings!  Sorry Brett, maybe next team!!

I'm originally from Maryland.  There's no way I could ever cheer for the Colts, because they snuck out of Baltimore in the middle of the night.  At the very least, they should have left the mascot behind.

I'm not a football fan, but I've never like the Colts since they snuck out of Baltimore in the middle of the night to make their move to Indianapolis.  No matter who they were playing, I'd root for their opponents!

I want the Saints to win--but I hope they do it while I am having a nice dinner out at a restaurant that doesn't have a TV

I'm rooting for the Saints who are in the Super Bowl for the first time.  Maybe by rooting for them, I'll bring some karma to my Lions who have also never been to the Super Bowl.....NOT!!

The Steelers aren't in it, so how can I be interested?

But this week’s Editor’s Choice goes to the reader who said, “I am not sure who I am cheering for but it should be a great game and I am looking forward to that.”

Thanks to everyone who participated in our survey!  There are more verbatim on the pages that follow.

Football. that the one with the pointy ball?

But, only if they don't try to do late hits on Peyton Manning.

Neither team nor commercials. However, I will root for the team that displays the most team oriented persona. I've grown very tired and disinterested in "me first" players in team sports. As far as commercials, I will boo the stupid, bronx cheer the asinine, rake the ridiculous, ignore the sophomoric and eschew the sex sell but cheer for the kahoonga's (you know what I mean even if I can't spell it...ah, a great commercial) it took to spend so much for so little in return.

I don't care who wins, they both deserve it. Just happy that I can pause the commercials, rewind them and watch them over and over again. Hope they are good this year!!

Peyton certainly deserves the win, but 43 years without a Super Bowl trip??? Go Saints!!

I'm most interested in the commercials, but would also like to see the Saints win.

Who Dat?  A Super Bowl win would be great for the city of New Orleans as they still try to recover from the Katrina disaster.  Plus, Drew Brees is a genuine nice young man and a great figurehead for the NFL.

BIG Colts fan who didn't get tickets in the season ticket lottery to attend in person, but will be yelling loud come Sunday from home!

Who doesn't just love Peyton Manning?

Will be setting the DVR for the game so I can fast forward to all of the commercials and not waste my time!

Not really shouting...I just like to see someone who hasn't won it before be successful.  It would be a boost of morale for New Orleans also.

We know D. Brown #31 personally.

I always look forward to the end of football season.

Go Pigs-in-Blankets!!

"I've been waiting for this moment since 1987 when I became a Saints fan.  Heading to New Orleans on Saturday to immerse myself in the local culture for the game! 


I'll be pulling for the Saints but have no vested interest and mainly tuning in for the commercials.

Just hoping for a good competitive game!

Manning is a class act, but he has his ring.  The Saints are a bunch of likeable guys and New Orleans can use some positive events to rally around.

I believe that the Colts have the least amount of pressure and therefore will win the SuperBowl. They have recently won the Super Bowl and that will give them the confidence they need. This however could change if Freeney doesn't play or doesn't play well.

GO COLTS!!!!!  The Saints will be crying blue!

I love Peyton Manning and the Colts, but this year I'll be cheering for the Saints, because they finally made it to the Super Bowl!

I often watch to see the commercials, but this I'll be going to an opera instead.

I'm shouting for the Saints! As the NFL’s version of the Chicago Cubs, the Saints have been lovable losers for 43 years. As a New Orleans native, I celebrated my 1st birthday two months before the Saints played their first game in 1967. It took 20 years of losing before we experienced our 1st winning season. Twenty three years later, we have finally reached the Super bowl. Ironically, we had to beat Brett Favre, who grew up 60 miles from NO and now, our native son Peyton Manning. We were so proud when Peyton and Eli both won the Super bowls in the past four years. If those two hometown boys (whose father is Archie, one of the most beloved former players in Saints history) could win the big one, it gave us hope that we could finally succeed too. This team has provided a wonderful escape from the daily hardships of rebuilding this unique city after our nation’s worst natural disaster. I don't know if a city and a sports franchise have ever been so linked as we are. Men, women, and children cried tears of joy when Hartley's field goal went thru the uprights in OT to finally send us to the Promised Land.  Like most wonderful experiences, we have thoroughly enjoyed the ride!  Win or lose, I’m just proud to be part of the "WHO DAT NATION".

A win for New Orleans would be a great tribute to what the city has been through the last few years.

Peyton is a joy to watch for any fan - could be the best to ever play his position.  But, to old timers like me who remember Archie, the Aint's and the (first?) fans wearing bags over their heads, you've gotta go for the Saints.  I'm sure the network will add Katrina to the mix and try to ruin my day with melodramatic claptrap.  The players are committed to the city whichh has embraced them but it is just a football game.

I live in New Orleans and it's great to finally have a rooting interest in the Super Bowl!  The Saints have meant so much to the community here both before and especially after Katrina.  Not that we usually require a reason to throw a party, but Mardi Gras begins this weekend and there will be a special Saints parade next Tuesday, win or lose.  Buddy Diliberto (the guy who started wearing an "Aints" paperbag over his head while doing television sports) once said he'd wear a dress if the Saints ever made it to the Super Bowl.  Buddy died in 2005, but local hero Bobby Hebert and thousands of guys paraded in dresses from the Superdome to the French Quarter last Sunday to honor Buddy and the Saints.  WHO DAT?!?!?!

rooting for the underdog!

I'm in Miami, so the Super Bowl is a little more exciting for those of us who live here.  The traffic is still heavy from last weekend's Pro Bowl, so this should be very interesting!

Sorry.  I'm not a football fan so I'd rather spend my time doing something else.

I've been rooting for the Saints since Katrina!

It's the commercials that make watching worthwhile.  Except for the occasional "Hail Mary" or a game ending run on a last minute two point conversion, the game is usually ho-hum for most of the time.  It's the commercials you remember and talk about the next day at work.

My TV will be muted with the exception of the Commercials.  If I had to pick a team it would be the Saints only because I love the Fleur de lis symbol.  In fact I have it tattooed on my body and hate when people think it is team loyalty.

I grew up rooting for the "Baltimore" Colts and continued to support the team after they moved to Indianapolis.  However in the last few years they have become too much of a machine behind Payton Manning.  I love the underdog, so hope the Saints come out on top.  But most of all, I just the want the game to be close and exciting.

Even though I'm not a football fan, I tend to go for the underdog - in this case the Saints!

It's a good excuse to have friends over...could really care less about the game or who's playing!

I don't care who wins, I just want a good game to go along with the good times with friends.

There isn't an option for those of us who just love the game for the game and don't necessarily care who wins or loses...just how great of a game it is. Or am I all alone and I should just say an option for 'me', not an option for 'those of us'? LOL!

But not loudly so my sister-in-law and brother-in-law won't hear me

Great that the best teams are in the Super Bowl.   New Orleans has to be the sentimental favorite.  Colts are fun to watch as Peyton Manning is a true manager of the game. Watach him at the line of scrimmage.  The guy is talking , walking around, and there is still plenty oftim on the clock.  Fascinating QB.


I do like the 'new' commercials almost as much as watching sports, so it's pretty much a tie!

As a Colts season ticket holder, I'm rooting on the Colts.  I just wish I could actually be in Miami to watch the game in person!  Go Colts!   However, if it weren't the Colts representing the AFC, I would cheer for the Saints.  Both teams have great quarterbacks (both on and off the field) that I would love for my son to have as role models.

I will be celebrating my birthday.  Now that's something to cheer about.

Go Indianapolis Colts......Manning is the "Man".

Manning is a great QB and an admirable person, but I'l never forgive the Colts for sneaking out of Baltimore under cover of darkness. Also, this is a new thing for the Saints and NO still needs positive things.

I'll be at a party, but with all of the people, I'm doubtful that I'll actually see much of it!  Well, that or I'll be painting in my house!  Either way, it's win-win for my team.

I don't care who wins (or who even plays, for that matter).  I just love Super Bowl day for the great food, good friends, hopefully-hysterical commercials, and the knowledge that once it's over, we're that much closer to baseball season!

Saints all the way!!!!!

It should be Brett Favre leading the Minnesota Vikings to their very first Super Bowl victory!

Hoping to stay warm - more heavy snows predicted and bitter cold.

I can't go for the Saints. Nor would I want to.  I don't think they are as good as they think they are. If the Colts just keep from making the mistakes the Vikings did, they will win easily.