SURVEY SAYS: Giving Up Your Cell Phone

Some people do everything on their cell phones, from browsing the Internet to watching television to setting up appointments, and more.

Last week, I asked NewsDash readers, “How much would someone have to pay you to convince you to give up your cell phone for one week?”


The largest percentage of responding readers (37%) reported that they wouldn’t have to be paid anything and would gladly give up their cell phone for a week. The next biggest response was “more than $500,” cited by 22.2% of respondents.


Only 1.8% of respondents chose “Nothing, I wouldn’t give it up for any amount of money.” “Between $1 and $50,” “Between $301 and $400” and “Between $401 and $500” were each chosen by 3.7% of responding readers, while 5.6% selected “Between $51 and $100,” 7.4% chose “Between $101 and $200” and 14.8% picked “Between $201 and $300.”


In verbatim comments, it was refreshing to see so many readers who are not that connected to their cell phones, with several saying they would pay someone to take it, and even one reader saying he or she doesn’t have a cell phone. Others reported little use of the phone outside of talking and texting; however, for others, the phone was critical, either because they don’t have a landline or they use their phone for work. Editor’s Choice goes to the reader who said, “Just send me on a cruise and I will happily give up my cell phone!”


Thanks to all who participated in the survey!



I chose $1 to $50 solely because it is my only phone – I don’t have a landline. I’d give up the “smart” features for nothing.

Mine is a flip phone – it is a phone. Period.

I would pay them to take it for a week!!!

The real question is how much can I scam someone out of for me to give up my phone for a week.

But if someone wanted to give me money to do it, I’d gladly take their money…. then I could go buy more books or take a trip.

I work remotely, so I need my cell for work, but other than that, I would not have a problem giving it up for a week.

I commute 3 hours each day. I call my widowed Mother in Law every morning during my commute to make sure she woke up that morning, help her plan her day, and remind her of upcoming events. Without my cell phone, I couldn’t do that.

It would have to be at least a week’s salary, to cover the additional time signing in to a computer to do on-line what I do on my phone.

Not very hard to give it up for a week when it is stolen in a foreign country.

First instinct was 100+… but then I thought… I could do it for $50+. Recently there was an article about giving it up for a year for $1 mil. For that offer, I want in!!

If I didn’t need my phone for work duties, $100 would easily convince me to give it up for a week.

I’d like to make a little money if I’m giving up my cell phone, so indicated more than $500. However, I’d really give it up for nothing. The tougher thing for me is my iPad. I’d have to think long and hard about giving that up!

Just send me on a cruise and I will happily give up my cell phone!

I would pay them.

I don’t have a land line or internet service at my house. I live out in the country. I use my cell phone to connect my computer to the internet via mobile hotspot, so without it I am completely cut off from any communication unless I physically drive somewhere. That might be nice for a day or so but I worry if family needs to get in touch!

I normally only use it for calls but have begun to find it useful for catching the news. That is easy to ignore.

I will take whatever you will give me, then tell you that I don’t have a cell phone, which is true!

I mostly use it for emergency calls, texts and occasional driving directions. So long as I wasn’t traveling, I could do without it.

I was surprised to see the answers so low, I thought I would be low since I would give it up for $1,000. Any of those other amounts are so insignificant that it just wouldn’t be worth the hassle for something that would make no difference in my budget.

I try to avoid being that connected. It’s more meaningful as a camera. I keep the pics to myself and would never post one to social media.

I use my phone as a phone and camera mostly. I will however give up my phone for a week and take the $500 and use it toward a weekend getaway.

I rely on my phone for actual phone calls, and audible so I can listen to my audiobooks in the car. Everything else can be done on the computer, and done better.

It’s my alarm, entertainment for children so I can get work done and my calendar lives there. Most importantly, I don’t have a home phone so from a safety point of view with small children my phone is nearly non-negotiable.

I think it would probably be a relief to be without it for a week.

Mine was lost for a week a short time ago. Actually was refreshing to focus on other things in my life than an electronic box.

I am becoming paranoid because all those “helpful” apps are spying on me!

I really try to use my phone for calls, text, and contacts. As you age it gets harder to make your fingers work on those tiny keyboards and read some of those other things. Some of you: your day will come!!

I wouldn’t go too high because I don’t use it for everything, it is more about just being able to get a hold of me and my loved ones…since I don’t have a land line…

For me personally, take it away. I could use a break. But with two active teenage boys, life would be very difficult without text messaging!

Personally I would like to go back to stupid phones where you could only talk to someone. Staying connected is stressful.

My cell phone is just that; a phone. It is my safety net when I am out and about, but it lives in my purse. I do not carry it on my person. I do not consult it constantly. I am sad that texting has replaced talking and that games have replaced human interaction. Cell phone use is just another form of addiction and it isn’t any healthier than any other addition.

It’s more a convenience than a necessity, and sometimes it’s a real aggravation.

I don’t use my cell phone nearly as much as most. I have never even loaded an app on it, I don’t have my email linked to it and I don’t check texts as often as I should. But, I do like the convenience of having it with me when I am out and about.

With sick and aging family members, it critical to be able to have two way access at all time

The screen is so small I don’t use it for much more than voice, text and occasionally checking my email.

My cell phone is a work phone, so how much would I give to get rid of it for a week? Is that the question?

If I didn’t need it for work I wouldn’t have it!

It would be a little hard, but probably good for me!



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