SURVEY SAYS: Here’s to The End of Summer…

September 3, 2010 ( – Even though we technically still have a couple of weeks left in the season, Labor Day has long marked the official end of summer.


This week, as a bonus survey question, I asked readers if they had any comments about Labor Day, the end of summer – or life in general… here they are: 

I’m not ready for the summer to end. And it gets worse every year for me. I dread the winter. I guess I need to move south. 

What summer?  There was something about higher day care costs, but other than that, work was too busy to notice. 

Time to clean out your overgrown gardens and do your fall pruning! 

Thanks for the reminder…seems I forgot. I wondered why the mall was so busy. After all, there were no Christmas decorations so it couldn’t be Halloween. Love my kids but don’t miss back-to-school days one bit. Maybe I’ll go watch the herd shop some more. Nah, got painting to do. 

“Thanks to EFAST2, who has time for a weekend? 

“Well, school started here on August 5, so summer has been over for awhile.  And the kids really didn’t have a problem with it.  They were ready to go back, and we were ready for them to go back as well.   

The funny thing is, now that I’ve gotten so used to having a DVR, and with the advent of “”summer series””, I no longer anticipate the start of the fall shows.  Of course, it might just be that there’s not much out there I want to watch now that Heroes and Lost are gone. 

Over the summer, we’ve been watching The Closer, Royal Pains, and Persons Unknown.  I am now DVRing White Collar and hope to catch up on the missed seasons.  With all of that on the DVR, I’ve no need for new TV.”

Continuing a family tradition.  My family (spouse, children and grandchildren) will make a trip to the coast for a beach excursion.  Something my parents did (until they became unable to handle the rigors of extended travel) for over 25 years.  It became sort of a family reunion, since my parents had six children.  It was also something everyone looked forward to...and now look back on with many pleasant memories.

It's the real sign of the end of a too short summer - every summer.  It kicks me into gear to start planning the fall and winter family events, thinking about Christmas shopping (only 114 days left) and getting the house ready. 

Wish it would rain.  It's been so hot and dry here.  I'm ready for rain and the Fall. 

Ha. Wrong day to ask that! I just saw Inception for the first time last night, so I'm not convinced that life in general isn't just some dream within a dream (witin a dream)... 

I'm ready for cooler weather! 

Start my two week vacation on Friday, but will be battening-down the hatches tomorrow in case Hurricane Earl hits Cape Cod!  I wait all summer for the tourists to leave so I can head to the beach in without screaming kids and end up with this-- makes me want to scream. 

Time to get ready for weekends in Florida!

What about making it a four day weekend and going somewhere? I am leaving Thursday night and will take Friday off to try to avoid some traffic and will get home Sunday night and still have a day to catch up and get ready for the week. 

A day off from work. Kids back in school. Cooler weather coming soon. Life is Grand! 

The upside to our recent lack of rain, is that the grass hasn't grown an inch in three weeks, so I won't spend more than an hour or two working in the yard this weekend. 

Summer seems to have flashed past even though I spent the entire season searching for a new position.  Maybe it's true that the older  we get, the quicker time passes.  Oops, there it goes. 

Just sad that summer's already over. 

After an extraordinarily hot summer, I'm ready for the cooler temps, football, fall colors, etc. 

I LOVE the Fall!  It's my favorite time of year and it's almost here!  I'm giddy in anticipation.

"I'm taking the week of Labor day off!  Woo hoo!!

If you need to find me this weekend I'll be on my couch eating hot wings while watching college football.  Go 'Canes!!" 

Our last chance to avoid the desert summer heat, rented a house near a dog friendly beach where we can break out the sweat shirts and jeans! 

I typically love NOT DOING anything on the actual Labor Day.  Having my schedule and life dictated by work, school and two soccer teams (only one child) makes me try to treat it as symbolic. 

It’s been a warm summer everywhere and the thought of cooler weather is great, but I still don't like the shorter days and thoughts of getting up when its dark out.  Darn! 

I was in school during the 80s/90s, and seem to recall the first day of school was after Labor Day.  However, my son's first day was today.  Did I miss the memo? 

Started up a new, 18-month project at the beginning of August.  This has been the most intense month I've had in a long time.  I have six vacation days left to schedule this year, but I don't want to take them right now.  It's been physically exhausting, but intellectually stimulating.

 "Life in general:  ""He that is hiring himself out is hiring himself out for a bag having holes."" --Haggai 1:6 

That's what life seems like right now.  Our money doesn't go very far any more." 

How in the heck did September get here so fast? 

The year and this summer flew by too fast! 

Did we have summer??? 

Where, oh where, has the summer gone?  It flew by entirely too quickly!! 

Nothing like hitting the amusement park one last time before summer unofficially ends! 

Going to a college football game and tailgate on Saturday.  Cookout on both Sunday and Monday with friends.

Finally, we're getting our summer out here on the West Coast. 

But this special survey’s Editor’s Choice goes to the reader who noted, “I hope everyone at DOL is working this weekend. -Disgruntled TPA" 

Have a GREAT – and safe – Labor Day weekend, folks!