SURVEY SAYS: How Far Will You Go on Thanksgiving?

November 18, 2010 ( - A week from today is, of course, Thanksgiving Day.   

It’s a big family holiday, and one that, as we come together as families, puts many of us on the road (or in the air).  This week, I asked readers a series of questions about their Thanksgiving travel plans, and their plans for the day “after.”

First, the travel plans; a plurality, though not a very large one (22.2%), said they weren’t going anywhere – because their family was coming to them.  Take that, the 10.3% who simply said they weren’t going anywhere, and the 13.7% who said they were traveling less than five miles – and you can quickly see that about half isn’t planning to be far afield for the holiday.

As for the rest of our travelers:  :

14.5% – 5 to 50 miles

 8.5% – 51 to 100 miles

17.1% – 101 to 500 miles

11.1% – more than 500 miles

The rest – well, let’s just say they fell into the WAY more than 500 miles (one noted “5,583 miles”)! 

Now, as for that day after Thanksgiving, the vast majority of this week’s respondents (76.3%) said they weren’t going to be working, and another 7% said “not if I can help it.”

As for the remainder, 6.1% said they would be working (one reader noted, We never get the day after Thanksgiving off), and 2.6% said that working the day after was a holiday tradition!

Another 2.6% said they would be working, but hoped to be leaving early, 4.4% said they might be working, and another 1% weren’t sure. 

Of course, some of those who won’t be working will surely be thinking about doing some shopping – but not that many.


Roughly 23% said they would be shopping the day after (half of them went so far as to suggest that doing so was a holiday tradition), and another 2.7% said they might be shopping, but only on their computer/phone.   

Of course, a third (32.4%) said they wouldn’t be, and another 28.8% said “not it I can help it”.  As for the rest, 9% said they might, and 4.5% weren’t sure. 

Other observations: 

It is expected to be quiet - and if the employees who irritate me the most are also out, it will be another day to be thankful for!  

After working 20 years for 2 companies that were open Black Friday, I'm so happy it's a paid way will I work, that's what Sundays are for!

Ever since my first couple of jobs when I was too junior to be able to take the day off but anyone who had any seniority was lounging at home with family, I decided to never work on that day again if I had the choice.

Yes, but coming in late (even though I work at home) because I will be shopping at 4 a.m.

Probably from home - yummy, football, leftovers and year end document and census work.

The office is closing at 2 so I decided there was no point to going in.

Yes, but only to do some limited remote work and check for any emergencies.

But this week’s Editor’s Choice goes to the reader who noted, “To paraphrase Elmer Fudd "It's open enrollment season." Besides, with the news we're spreading I already know I'm getting coal - all 16 ton.” 

Thanks to everyone who participated in our survey!