SURVEY SAYS: Super Bowl Monday Work Schedules

We covered a survey that found many employees call in sick or come into work late the Monday after the Super Bowl.

Last week, I asked NewsDash readers, “How will watching the Super Bowl and/or Super Bowl parties affect your work schedule Monday.” Remember survey responses are always anonymous.


The vast majority (77.3%) of responding readers said their Monday work schedule will not be affected at all, while 18.2% said it won’t affect their work schedules, but they’ll likely be less productive. Three percent of readers indicate they’ve already asked for that day as a PTO/vacation day, and 1.5% reported they will probably be a little tardy. No one admitted they will probably call in sick.


Among those who chose to leave comments, many indicated they were not watching the Super Bowl. Some suggested the Monday after should be a holiday, and a couple suggested the game should be moved to Saturday. Respondents who live in the West pointed out this has not been a problem for them since the game comes on earlier there. Editor’s Choice—although, I WILL be watching the Super Bowl—goes to the reader who mentioned that This Is Us is coming on after: “If the Vikings would have made it, there might have been a problem but since there are once again two teams I have no interest in, I plan on heading to bed early and watching ‘This is Us’ via DVR the following evening.”


Thanks to all who responded to the survey!



Usually less traffic to work in the morning, otherwise no different than other Mondays.

Unless “my” team is playing in the super bowl (which they haven’t for decades), it is just another Sunday night leading into Monday morning.

It should be a Federal holiday.

Only watch the commercials and not much of a drinker, so … no issue.

Since the Kitten Bowl is on at Noon and the Puppy Bowl is on at 3 PM I should be all rested in time for work on Monday. Looking forward to the new Dog Bowl on Saturday for older dogs!

For many years now I always take that time to also go to a warmer climate and watch the SB in my swimsuit!

Very hard to work Monday after Super Bowl–very tired!

Some years it’s like working with the walking dead

An advantage to living on the West Coast is being able to watch sporting events at a decent hour. Payback for having to watch the Times Square ball drop on New Year’s Eve three hours after it actually happened?

Only reason to watch the game is the commercials except the past few years I had to think too hard as to what they were trying to sell. I will not watch the game this year – not interested.

Just another day….

Living on the west coast, I have a 3 hour advantage over you east coasters. I hadn’t even realized this was a problem.

I certainly don’t mind people legitimately taking time off, if that’s how they want to use their vacation, but I hope it doesn’t add to the entitlement mentality where they think the employer should cover everything!

We’re lucky on the West coast. The Super Bowl ends well before bedtime!!

I only watch the super bowl for the commercials.

Sorry, don’t watch the game – even for the commercials. 🙂

I am only watching this year to see if the Eagles can beat the Patriots. I don’t want another team to have at least 6 Super Bowl wins. P.S. On this day in 2009, the Steelers became the first team to win 6 Super Bowls by beating the Cardinals 27 to 23. I noticed that wasn’t posted today… 🙂

People who call in sick when they are not sick, should be fired.

Eagles win easily. Go to bed early, celebrate Monday. ‘Nuff said.

Non issue as the Steelers are not playing.

Seriously? What kind of buffoon is unable to work on Monday because he watched a game on Sunday?

I’m in MN and will watch the Super Bowl on TV, but skip any post game celebrations. It’s been a great year leading up to this but when it’s over – it’s just over.

We have a holiday “dry spell” after Thanksgiving and Christmas. The day after the Super Bowl would be a welcome day off! Make it a shopping day (like black Friday) and watch it take off.

Why not have the Super Bowl on Saturday and that would alleviate a lot of these issues? (I have to give credit to my daughter for the suggestion)

I’m just there for the commercials and the halftime show.

I love football but have absolutely no interest in the Super Bowl.

Go BIRDS!!!!

We already changed an all-day training scheduled for that day, since we knew no one would arrive on time or be up for it.

Sounds like it will be a nice quiet day to get a lot of work done!

I’m retired

If the NFL moves the game to Saturday night, there would be no Monday morning affect. Sunday is great day to recover from over-partying and be ready for Monday.

I am so sick and tired of all of the media coverage leading up to the Super Bowl here in Minneapolis that I probably won’t even watch it. Can hardly wait for this “event” to be over so the newscasts will cover real news!

If the Vikings would have made it, there might have been a problem but since there are once again two teams I have no interest in, I plan on heading to bed early and watching “This is Us” via DVR the following evening.

It won’t disrupt my work schedule as I won’t waste my time watching it.

It’s a football game! We will watch, but only if the game is close. We will change the channel at commercials. We won’t watch the half-time show. We are rooting against the Patriots. Who cares?

I start at 7:00 AM and it is a guaranteed very long day

USA probably should have a national Super Bowl holiday on Monday.

I’m praying for a snow day!

I have been watching less professional football than in the past

Last year I figured I’d work from home instead of taking the day off. I emailed my boss after 4 hours and said I had to take 1/2 day. She was surprised; thought I’d taken the day off as always.

First I want to point out that I did notice the use of Replay instead of Reply in your request. I find that the biggest impact the Super Bowl causes is all the chatter about the game and the commercials. There is also that occasional big winner who is walking around inviting employees to his celebration party.



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