SURVEY SAYS: Watching the President, the Presidential Hopefuls, or Football?

September 8, 2011 ( – Tonight President Obama unveils his plan to help spur job growth, just ahead of the NFL season getting underway.


And, of course, last night the GOP presidential hopefuls had another debate.  This week, I asked readers which of the three they’d be tuning in for.

A plurality of this week’s respondents – 38.9% – were only planning to watch the NFL opener.  The next most common response was – well, more on that in a minute.

As for the rest of the more selective group:

3.3% – just the GOP debate

4.4% – just the President’s speech


About one-in-eight (12.2%) said they would be watching everything BUT the GOP debate, 7.8% said they would be checking out everything BUT the President’s speech, and just 3.3% were tuning in for everything BUT that NFL opener. 

And then – in a classic survey composition “blunder”, I forgot the most obvious choice – “none of the above.”  I’m betting, based on the comments, that most of those wound up in the “haven’t decided yet” group – and that was nearly a quarter (24.4%) of this week’s responses.

There were, as you might expect, the usual assortment of interesting (and varied) perspectives:



I would watch the GOP debate for some laughs if it weren't my future that was at stake because of their catering to the mega-rich and corporate interests.

Will the NFL opener pre-empt Obama's speech?

The president's speech is the most important. The GOP Debate will likely be the most entertaining, given the line-up of misinformed, dogmatic dimwits. Unfortunately, the NFL opener will probably be the most interesting, and draw the biggest crowd.

Highly unlikely that I'll listen to the President's speech as it is too close to dinner time and too likely to cause indigestion...

President should have made it for Tuesday the 5th, then no problem with scheduling.  Plus it will probably be the same ole same ole...who can we blame, blah blah blah.

After my days at work, I cannot handle the debate, and even on my best days I cannot handle any speech by the president.  So, the NFL will hopefully provide a welcome break.

Only as much of the GOP Debate as I can stomach


Geeee...such wonderful choices...(major sarcasm here).  Can't we just skip it all and have some pie?  or Prozac?  Maybe I could watch grass grow...or wait for the tooth fairy...that sounds engaging too!  Sigh...anybody got a bottle of whine?

I record the US Open Tennis tournament during the day and watch it at night.

You should have put in none of the above.  I do not plan on watching the GOP Debate, or the President's speech or the NFL opener.

I probably will not tune in to any of the three.  I have plans for both evenings.

Only because my kids (college students living at home) will be watching it on a 50" TV and I won't be able to escape it.

You forgot to include "NONE" as an option.  :>)

"I don't need to hear Obama's last ditch effort to improve his approval ratings and act like he has a clue on how to create jobs. He's had a good amount of time already to fail at that.

Gimme the NFL - it's the biggest relief and exodus from all this political nonsense and something I can get excited about!"

I will not watch any of these.


I'll be at the Packers/Saints game.  No political puffery for this guy.

If there had been a choice of "None of them", I would have chosen that option!

Remember, none of the above is also an option.  I am sure the pundits will summarize the debate and speech.  We don't follow american football in our house, so - time found!


I have absolutely no interest in listening to a group of politicians bashing each other or the President.


Go Lions.  We actually have something to be hopeful for at the beginning of the season.

None of them


None of the above.  We will hear enough about the presidents speecha nd teh GOP debate in days and weeks to come.

At least with the football game, someone cares about the outcome.

The NFL opener will get the most votes...and the most viewers...welcome to human behavior

Really resent the GOP for forcing the President's speech on the first night of the NFL.  But what is new they only want their agenda.

Thank G-d football is back!

I am so tired of watching Obama mesmerize the country that I can't stand him for one more minute.

The Steelers are playing the Ravens in the opener.  I bleed Black and Gold, so there's no way that I'm missing the game.  As for the President's speech and the GOP debate.  I live in the Washington, DC area.  Politics and the hot air spewed by politicians lost its luster years ago.

I'll save the drama and read the recap of the Pres speech and Debate in the news.


How about None of the Above.

Although I've been very disappointed with the political maneuvering at our expense, I have high hopes for the President's speech.  I do wish he would have been focusing more on the jobs issue earlier than this, but I do want to hear what he has to say as he says it (as opposed to hearing what the talking heads or others say he said)!

A sad commentary on my priorities i guess but at least watching the NFL opener I will see something different and not the same old rhetoric.

Will I watch one clown, six clowns or a tent full of any other choices.

Not tuning in to any of the above, not a football fan and will get the 'Readers Digest' version of the politicos the next morning!

None of them.

Packers fan in my house--the game will be on!

But I know it won't include the NFL...


What's the point of tuning in to listen to President Obama. It's just going to be a campaign speech for the next four years. And there will be people out there that believe what he has to say. But I learned a long time ago that talk is cheap and actions speak louder than words.

In reality, I'll likely just go to bed.

None, I'll be watching the Philadelphia Phillies march toward another NL East Championship.

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But this week’s Editor’s Choice goes to the reader who noted, “Watching all three as all three are important. GOP & President for our future and NFL Opener for my sanity!! Keep score for GOP vs President and Packers vs Saints.”

Thanks to everyone who participated in our survey!