SURVEY SAYS: What Are You Thankful For?

November 24, 2010 ( – Yesterday I shared a list of things I was thankful for. 

But as part of last week’s Survey Says, I asked readers to share your thoughts.  So, here’s some more to ponder on – heartfelt, to the point, and in a couple of cases, “epic.”  Thanks to all of you who took the time to thank me/us yesterday (including some in the list that follows)!

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Happy Thanksgiving!


Here they are:

Family, health, my church family and the love of Jesus Christ.

Way too many things to list. However, with several of my friends and family members currently dealing with significant health, financial, and family problems, all the ways in which I am fortunate are so apparent now.

The freedom to say anything in response to this question without worrying that I’ll be arrested or detained.  God bless the USA!

I am thankful for my family and friends.

Too many to count but only a smidgen worthy of “the” smile.

The fact that I have a wonderful and healthy family.

A good job, a comfortable home (directly related to the good job), family, friends, and this country.

Flying from east coast to San Diego with one son flying in from Chicago and another from Maine.  If we all get there on time and in one piece, I’ll have a lot to be thankful for…

“A wonderful wife.  Two healthy kids.  My own health. 

Strangely, I don’t care too much about my job.”

I am thankful that my family is healthy and working.


That my family is healthy and I get four days in a row without going to work!

My family, good health, my grandma turned 100 yesterday, my job – all my blessings.

I am thankful to have a family that cares about me and that I have a few really good friends.  I’m also extremely thankful that I have a job with decent health insurance.

After being laid off and then out of work for 15 months, I am thankful to have found a job I enjoy and challenges me, with coworkers I adore, and pays 20% more than my previous job!

I am thankful for my family and friends as well as having a job given the current economic climate.

I am thankful to still be employed for yet another holiday season.

Having a job…not being in foreclosure…having enough to eat…having a great family…but in reverse order!

Egg Nog.

Not having to fly…

My health, a caring partner, work that helps people, a few true friends, laughing grandchildren, and most of all a spiritual belief and faith even if all these are taken away.

My health, my family, my home, my friends, and despite spending WAY too many hours here - my job.  And NewsDash, of course!  🙂

I am leaving confortably and healthy.

Good health, and my husband and I both still have good jobs.

Thankful that I have a job so that I can continue to support my family.

family, friends and having a job that I enjoy!

Reasonable health, a job, change in the leadership of the House of Representatives, friends, wife, pets - not necessarily in that order   🙂

In addition to the usual family, health, etc, I am EXTREMELY thankful for my job.  After being laid off I went after my life long dream in another career for two years.  This career provided little pay, extreme stress and aggravation and pretty much ruined me financially.  I was so happy to be able to get out and back into what I knew.  Lesson Learned:  the grass is NOT always greener on the other side.  HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

Girth, mirth and net worth

This year I have lost more people than I can remember in any other prior year, that loss has brought be perspective.   I am thankful for my healthy family, the happiness of my children and our jobs that make it all possible.

I am thankful for my health and wealth, my two wonderful children and my loving wife.

I'm thankful that I am still gainfully employed.

"Just last week we were only going to have 5 at the house - My wife, the two kids still at home and a ""Special"" friend of my daughters.  As of last night the number has grown - we will now have 15+ and if the weather goes bad that could eaisly increase by 3 more.  Then there is the chance a son and his wife could just show up, they've done it before.


So, what am I thankful for?  There isn't enough space to even start listing everything but I'd start with my family......."

My healthy family, my home, my job!

VERY thankful for great kids and grandkids, a roof over my head, clothes to wear, and a job I love to go to every day!

Having a good job with decent benefits; I work for a state agency that administers the retirement plan for most governmental employees in the state.  The benefit package has been the main reason that state agencies have been able to recruit and retain high-quality employees, since our actual salaries are well below counterpart salaries for comparable positions in private business.  However, our new governor-elect wants to replace our not-especially-lavish defined benefit plan with "benefits comparable to those in the private industry", or in other words, the crappy benefits package that businesses are now offering.  Between the furlough days which he plans to at least double), paying more out-of-pocket into our retirement plan (past wage concessions have been the the trade-off for employer- pick-up of employee contributions), no raises for several years and 1% - 2% increases before that, it's looking like retirement time very soon for me and for a large percentage of retirement-age state employees.

My husband, my health and my lifestyle.

My family.  I'm thankful we are all safe, sound, and healthy!  I'm also thankful to all the armed services men and women, past and present, for keeping our country "safe and sound" and never batting an eye to jump in and fight on our behalf for our freedom.

That I have a good job and a wonderful, though unemployed husband.  I am thankful for friends and that my precious little kitty is still with us.  Those are some of the specifics but each day most importantly, I am thankful that I woke up again to face another day, to have another opportunity to be a better person and give back to the world I live in.

My wonderful and supportive spouse and a boss who is giving me a really big career opportunity right now.

Family, Friends, Good Health, My Job and Freedom


I am sure these will sound cliche, but I truly am thankful that I have a wonderful husband and a beautiful, funny, sweet, willful, stubborn and precocious daughter. I am also thankful to be gainfully employed by an understanding and appreciative employer. Finally, I am thankful that, for the first time in many years, I can enjoy my (few...ok maybe many) Mimosas on Thanksgiving morning without having to peel, chop, stir, bake and continually check the turkey's progress as we are not hosting this year!

My family, my health, my friends, and that I have a job!

Happy wife, happy life.  Three healthy kids.  Employed by a strong firm.

My healthy 6 week old daughter!

That there are still working people (management and labor) who understand the massive deception being foisted upon people by our political system and may be about ready to fight back.

"I am thankful for my God and my family and that the conservatives finally decided that enough was enough in the last election. America has to be more prudent with our fiances. Years ago Bush felt it was a good idea to deregulate the Banks while Clinton decided that everyone should have the opportunity to own a home and I believe that is why we are were we are today.


I believe that we are now headed in the right direction. Whether we get there depends upon whether we will fall back into complacency and allow career politicians to patronize special interest groups to obtain political power. We must do what is good for all Americans and not just a few select groups. We can not be all things to all people. We must regain our identity as a proud population of distinctive and diverse individuals."

I'm thankful that I'm finally at peace with myself and my life.  It's amazing how your mindset changes when you reach your 50's.  NO crisis at work is worth the drama that others try to suck you into.  My children have grown into productive young adults (although one is lucky enough to be able to take advantage of the new reform rules and stay on my health plan).  I can't complain.


"This box is not big enough for all that I am thankful for.  I appreciate the wonderful harmonous family I have with two loving and sweet daughters (no, they don't have me fooled) who are doing well in college.  One will graduate in each of the next two years.  I appreciate the wonderful young people they have brought into my life, the 'son' and 'daughter' I have made my own in my heart because of their closeness to my daughters and frequent presence in my home.  I appreciate my parents having moved closer to me six years ago.  I appreciate that I am turning 50 Monday and feel about 22 and am often mistaken for a 30 something.  I appreciate that I enjoyed two Caribbean cruises, a Mexican Riveria cruise and an Alaskan cruise in the past year and that I am going 'down under' for the first time in December.  I appreciate that my BFF and I became even closer during this past year and that she has made changes in her life that are serving her very well.  I appreciate that there are so many people in my life who love me and whom I love.  I appreciate that I have a wonderful partner who is kind, supportive, intelligent, independent and loving.  I appreciate my morning cup of coffee every day and even more so when it is delivered to me in bed.  I appreciate that I always have more than enough good food for myself and all guests in my home.  I appreciate that I have planted gardens around my home that provide blooms almost every day of the year.  I appreciate that I have some friends who are devoted to me and love me even when I am busy and don't spend time with them.  I appreciate that I am going to win a Mayan Cruise with Mike Dooley that I will enjoy in February.  I appreciate that my dog makes me smile every day.  I appreciate the free golf balls that continually show up in my backyard.  I appreciate that the sun comes up everyday and that I can enjoy the warmth of it on my skin.  I appreciate the rains when they come.  I appreciate that I have learned how to focus my perspective on events so that I am continually happy (not just free of strife or adversity) but truly, deeply, happy.  I appreciate that I have learned to see the best in others.  I appreciate that I see the best in myself.  I appreciate that I often help others feel better and see things in new and better ways.  I appreciate an industry that has supported me well for over 30 years.  I appreciate that I have never stopped learning and have kept an open mind and an open heart.  I appreciate that every time I get laid off I get a better job (one I like more that allows me to grow more) and that pays better and that I am never unemployed for a day.  I appreciate the ease of travel in this tme. I appreciate the technology that enhances our lives, the robot that sweeps my floors, the EVO 4G phone that is simply amazing and life enhancing.  I appreciate how easy Linkedin makes it to maintain and develop professional contacts.  I appreciate how easy Facebook makes it to keep in contact with friends and family around the world and to continue developing friendships I make during my travels.  I appreciate that I type fast.  I appreciate that my pillow is wonderful and feels great each night.  I appreciate that I gave up television in 1996 (or should I say that I freed myself from its bondage?).  I appreciate that I can read.  I appreciate that I have perfect vision.  I appreciation that I seldom go out in public without hearing a compliment of some sort from a perfect stranger.  I appreciate that I have a dishwasher to do my dishes.  I really appreciate my double oven; especially on Thanksgiving.  I appreciate my beautiful china.  I appreciate my beautiful dining room.  I appreciate the dining room furniture that I don't yet have because it is fun to think of what do I want, exactly, knowing that when I am ready I will have it.  I appreciate the new, awesome, amazing and powerful meditation CD that Abraham Hicks released this week as I know it will help me make my life even better.  I appreciate the opportunity to express my appreciation.  I appreciate the daily Newsdash which makes it so easy to keep up with information that I need.  I also appreciate knowing about Newsdash as I was able to help a younger co-worker who has moved on by telling her about it and I know that it will help her shine in her new role.  I appreciate that my 401(k) match is being restored in 2011 and that I will make a lot more money next year than I did this year.  I appreciate working with so many intelligent and ethical people who are determined to help others.  I appreciate the fireplace in my office that keeps me nice and warm.  I appreciate my wonderful camera that allows me to capture memories and beautiful photos.  I appreciate my lovely home that welcomes guests.  I appreciate the ease of life in this time of conveniences.  I appreciate the time to explore and learn new things.  I appreciate how close my daughters and I have always been.  I appreciate that I was able to raise them on my own.  I appreciate that they are smart and independent and that I can see that both will live amazing lives.  I appreciate that my Mom took up painting after she retired and has created some beautiful works of art that fill my home.  I appreciate that my Dad, at 76 can still easily do 3 miles on track or treadmill at an incline.  I appreciate that I live in a world where things are primarily good despite media's insistent on shinning a spotlight on the trouble spots instead of giving proportionate time to the good.  I appreciate that I realize the false picture they present and see the real truth of our planet, it's beauty, balance and health.

I am thankful my meeting reminder let me know I have to stop now."

My health, my children's health, my parents' health and of others who are close to me.  I am thankful for being gainfully employed and for being able to purchase a new home recently on my own.  I'm also thankful for my friends and family who are there when I need them and even when I don't.  I'm also thankful for my ex-wife's health and that of her family as well.  Finally, I'm thankful for the troops who fight for our country overseas and protect our borders here...they help make all that we have possible!


My wonderful family and friends and my finding and marrying my husband!


Family, friends, and the right to be who I am and love who I choose.

Family and that we can afford to put food on the table and buy a couple of presents.

That I'm not flying anywhere this holiday season!

Family, friends, food on the table, good health, money in the bank, and roof over our heads.  Plus, a good comedy movie or TV show to watch.

"living in the greatest city in the greatest country in the world

friends and family who stick by me no matter what

my new kitten"

My family, my health and that after 40 years in HR, I still have a sense of humor

a job with health benefits

Thankful for God and family.  I was going to say "for health, wealth and wisdom" but I was taught not to lie.  Well, except for the fat thing I am relatively healthy and except for that market meltdown thing I still have some 401k funds.  I do manage to keep my brain engaged and in my head unlike some co-workers who let theirs walk out the door on occasion leaving me to deal with the aftermath...... but I am also thankful for people who gladly give of their time and expertise to keep me out of trouble, like Nevin Adams!

Family, friends, having a job, living in the USA, good health.

Having a good job that lets me provide for my family.

My family that puts up with me.

My  family  and  their  health

A deep fryer for the turkey and the fact that someone else gets to do the dishes!

My health, my family and my job.

I'm thankful that God's mercies are new every morning and He blesses me every day. 

My family, my health and the health of my family... the fact that we have a roof over our heads and food on the table and most of our luxuries due to the fact that we know the value of a good education and hard work.

Everything that the Lord has blessed me with.

Family, friends, having a job, good health!

I am thankful that my children will both be home for Thanksgiving and that all of us are healthy.

My health, my family, and my freedom...not necessarily in that order.

all the blessings God has given me; my wonderful family; home, job.....

My country, my job, my health, my family, and my friends.

"I'm thankful that I have my health, and my friends and family.  I'm also thankful for having an always interesting career in employee benefits, with very few dull days over the course of 33 years. 


I'm also thankful for our nation, and the freedoms we enjoy that were earned by our forefathers and defended by our military.  God bless them all."

I am thankful for my family, that I live in the United States, despite its on-going problems, that I have a job and a great staff, that my health is pretty good, and that I get NewsDash every day which helps me stay on track...thank you Nevin!

That I still have a job.

I'm thankful for a caring, loving family.  We recently lost my dad and so we've had a good chance to reflect on our family and life growing up.  It wasn't perfect, but I wouldn't trade it!


I had a college professor that used to say "Consider the alternative."  True, things used to be better several years ago.  But, we are not in another Great Depression, there is food on the table, and my family and I are safe and healthy.  Those are the things to be thankful for!

I'm thankful my family lives close enough I won't have to fly anywhere for Thanksgiving.

My family, my health, my job, my parents bringing me into this world... in these United States of America.