SURVEY SAYS: What Clock Do You Forget to Change?

March 11, 2010 ( - This week I also asked readers to name the one clock  they always seemed to forget when it came to making those DST shifts.

Which one do you think it was?  Well, far and away the most popular missed clock was – the one on your car dashboard, cited by nearly half (42.9%).      

Nearly one-in-five (19.5%) said it was their VCR/DVD (though one reader noted, “Someone still has a VCR and knows how to set the time?”).

Other “shout outs” went to:

  • iPod/mp3 player (6.,0%) (one reader noted, “iPod has a clock?”  Editor’s Note: Yes, it does  
  • The microwave (4.8%)  
  • Desk clock at work (3.6%)
  • Alarm clock (2.4%) – Editor’s Note:  I smell trouble with that one, come Monday.   

"Other" Options

The remainder went for “other”, including these options:

Grandfather clock at home

Old fashioned clock in the family room

Clock on the mantle

My TVs which all have clocks built in to them

Clock above the kitchen door...we just leave it alone all year.. so it's either on time, or off by an hour

The gazillion watches that I still wear, even though it's no longer fashionable to wear them, I guess.

A reader with a special sense of humor noted, “Sun dial.”

But this week’s Bonus Survey Says Editor’s Choice goes to the reader who said the clock they forgot to reset was “The one inside my head.”

Thanks to everyone who participated in our survey!