SURVEY SAYS: What TV Show Return Are You Anticipating?

September 16, 2010 ( - For many of the regular series on television, next week will mark the beginning of the new season. 

 Now, I know many of you aren’t big TV watchers, but some are – at least for a select number of shows, but this week I asked readers which show’s return they were most eagerly anticipating. 


The most anxiously awaited show among this week’s readers was…NCIS, cited by 12.1%.   

Just about 5% weren’t looking forward to any show in particular. 

  • 9.3% – Glee 
  • 6.0% – the Big Bang Theory 
  • 4.9% – Castle 
  • 4.4% – Modern Family  
  • 3.8% – Grey’s Anatomy 
  • 3.8% – Survivor 
  • 3.3% – Criminal Minds 
  • 3.3% – House   
  • 3.3% – The Good Wife 
  • 3.3% – Dancing with the Stars 
  • 2.7% – The Office 
  • 2.7% – Fringe 
  • 2.2% – Bones 

Others cited were: The Amazing Race, American Idol, America’s Most Wanted, Brothers & Sisters, Community, CSI, CSI: Miami, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Desperate Housewives, Friday Night Lights, Hell’s Kitchen, Law & Order SVU, Lie to Me, Mad Men, Medium, the Mentalist, the Middle, NCIS: Los Angeles, Parenthood, Private Practice, Sons of Anarchy, Supernatural, Two and a Half Men, the Vampire Diaries – oh, and NFL football!  





Now, as for second choices, well let’s just say that the most popular second choice was…NCIS. 

Other standouts on the “second” list were:  Modern Family, the Big Bang Theory, Dancing with the Stars, Brothers & Sisters, Castle, Criminal Minds, and House. 

As for other thoughts/comments about TV, the fall premieres, or...whatever – well, here’s a sampling: 

So much crap on TV, eh?  Thank goodness for the DVR.  I can skip commercials and generally watch just what I want. 

Since neither 24 nor Deadliest Catch looks like coming back any time soon my TV watching this fall is likely to be very limited ... not that it was ever much to begin with. My husband will watch any inane thing as long as it moves and makes noise, even if he has seen it a hundred times. I will retreat to the living room, light some candles, put my feet up and ... work. What is wrong with me? 

I am proud to say that I have rarely watched any of the above and don't intend to in the future; it feels so good to have a life that does not revolve around what people in California and New York consider "entertainment", or to be brainwashed into their beliefs about values and morality (probably better said as "lack of beliefs"). 

Thank you for letting me pick a #2.  It really is a toss-up and there are so few things on TV that interest me.  Most of the shows have more sleaze than I can handle.  I looks for shows that have some morals.  I long for a good family show with family values. 

I am equally excited about the DVD releases of previous seasons of Glee and Modern Family. 

Really looking forward to the return of White Collar in January & Rizzoli and Isles next summer. 

I contribute to a TV website, so I'll be watching much of the new shows to see if any are good. It looks like the usual mix of good and bad (very interested in the new Hawaii 5-0 as I loved the old one; Detroit 187 looks good, My Generation looks awful). However, I want to meet the brain trust at NBC who decided that the time was right for a comedy about a call center in India ("Outsourced"). That has to be the most tone deaf programming decision in ages. 

Alas, my father was right. It truly is an idiot box! 

The NFL, the World Series, and Hi-school football ((with my grandsons), is all I have time for. 

Dexter is the best show- returning 9/26 

The music and enthusiasm of "Glee" provides what TV used to provide en masse - good entertainment.  The rest of the shows are just plain boring.  And don't get me started on "reality" shows.... 

There actually looks to be some decent new shows for the fall,  e.g. Hawaii Five-O, The Defenders, The Whole Truth, + a couple I can't remember the titles. 

Have most of the really good writers gone to cable TV?  There is such an absence of good programming on network TV - just the same old tired plot lines, but with a little more crassness to the dialogues.  This is one reason I've pretty much switched to cable broadcasting and PBS when I do watch TV. 

I may be dating myself, but I remember the seasons being much longer and shows had fewer commercials.   Thanks to the invention of the DVR, I can spend even less time watching the boob tube! 

I think the only channels that have it right as far as good entertainment is USA and TNT.  The main stations such as CBS, ABC, NBC just don't get it. 

I wish that the networks would stop polluting our minds with all the so-called reality shows. 

I won't watch any of them. 

There is not a single tv series that I consider  worth watching.  If it was not for baseball, TNT, Sundance, and IFC, I would never turn the tv on at all.  


WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too many ridiculous reality or talent shows.  AI is the only good one. 

As my picks indicatre, I'm hopelessless addited to Survivor and American Idol.  Just goes to show that my life is so riddled with work, school, and family demands, that the stuff I used to look down on as being unintelligent rubbish is now something I consider a welcome relief from the insanity of my life!  Clearly, my brain needs to avoid thinking for a couple hours a week. 

I don't watch except some specials or educational type programs.  There may be some good shows out there, but I sure have not found them. 

Dancing is the one show my husband and I both enjoy watching together! 

I'll actually tape the shows so I can go out & enjoy the fall hiking.. 

I'm just glad football is back! 

Reality TV should be relabeled Improvisational TV, since that's what it is.  If you want to watch true Reality TV, watch a documentary or the nightly news." 

Is it Monday yet?  I'm ready for some FOOTBALL!!! 

I find that many of my new favorite shows are on cable - Memphis Beat, Leverage, White Collar.  So, that means I also have some winter premiers to look forward to. 

Just hoping "Hawaii 5-0" lives up to the hype! 

But this week’s Editor’s Choice goes to the reader who noted, “No more 24... no more Lost... my sister-in-law is right.  I really am a loser!  :-(“  

Editor’s note:  If so, you have a lot of company – see SURVEY SAYS: How Did Lost and 24 Turn Out?