SURVEY SAYS: What “type” of boss do you have?

October 17, 2013 ( – On Boss’s Day, I read about a survey from Fierce, Inc. that claims the majority of bosses fall into one of four personality types.
  • Fierce describes “The Dictator” as a boss who gives orders, the Dictator’s behavior may be a factor of more than just personality—combine lack of time, a demanding role, mixed with stress, and you’ve got a recipe for a Dictator, someone that seems to simply walk, or sometimes run, around giving orders with little or no appetite for feedback.
  • “The Cheerleader” (aka the Softie or the Friend) is easy to work with day-to-day, but in the long haul employees become dissatisfied because they aren’t challenged or given enough constructive feedback to make them better at their jobs.
  • “The Visionary” (aka the Innovator) is focused more on what’s next and what the business will look like in 10 or even 20 years. The Visionary is an inspirational personality for which to work, but may not have much input on the day-to-day work.
  • “The Perfect Boss” is the combination of mentor, leader, and fun-to-be-around person. The perfect boss respects employees and challenges them to be their very best.


Does your boss fit into one of the “types,” or is there another category that describes your boss?

You can respond to the survey by 6 p.m. Pacific time today at