SURVEY SAYS: What's Your Favorite PSNC Topic?

February 24, 2011 ( - Hopefully you’ve noticed that we’ve posted up the agenda (and registration) for the PLANSPONSOR National Conference. 

Whether or not you plan to attend (and I hope you will), I also asked readers which of the session(s) looks most interesting.  The answers were as diverse as you might expect – but there were some “winners.”

OK, I may admittedly be somewhat biased about the strength of our agenda, but I’d like to think it was hard to pick just one.  And in fact, considering the breadth of selections, it looks like it must have been.  But people were allowed to vote, and I promised “winners”, so…

There were a number of sessions with a baseline popularity:

Target-date funds are not created equal. Is that a problem? (though this was the top vote getter in our “second favorite” group)

Ask the 403(b) Experts

What’s Next on Fee Disclosure?

10 (more) Things You’re (Probably) Doing Wrong 

And then there was another group that was chosen by at least 7% of this week’s respondents:

The New Fiduciary

Five Things You Need To Know About...NQDC (nonqualified deferred compensation)

Setting the Right Benchmarks for Your Plan

Five Things You Need To Know About...Being a Fiduciary

Five Things You Need To Know About...Retirement Income

Small Plans, Big Challenges 


The third-most cited item (10.7%) was “litigation trends that should be keeping you up at night”.



The second most popular agenda item was “practical ways to engage and involve the unengaged participant,” cited by 14.3% (this was also the second-most popular on our second choice list).



And the top vote getter was “Is Your Plan Ready for a Retirement Income Option?”, chosen by 17.9%.

More to follow.  Take a minute to check out the agenda – I think you’ll like it! 

For the first time ever—and at the suggestion of conference attendees - we’re offering a special pre-conference “boot camp” for those who are newer to these programs, or who simply want to catch up.

And for plan sponsors – free registration!  Check it all out at