SURVEY SAYS: Which Was Your Favorite Super Bowl Commercial?

February 6, 2007 ( - Well, based on my informal polling, the game was better (certainly for Giants fans) - and the commercials perhaps not-quite-as-good as we've had in prior Super Bowls.

On the other hand, when you stop and think about them – there were some pretty funny ads.     

So this week, I’d like to know, ‘Which was your favorite Super Bowl ad?”   And yes, you can only pick one!

The winner – with a plurality (but hardly a majority) of the vote was the Budweiser commercial with the Rocky theme, where the Dalmatian helps him train, drawing 26.7% of the vote.

Next most popular – though it drew only about a quarter as many votes – was the Bridgestone Tire commercial with all the screaming animals, with 7.3% .   Third most popular was E-Trade’s “too young to trade” with the spitting up baby ( 6.8% ), while the companion E-Trade commercial with the creepy clown, the Doritos mousetrap, and the Life Water (the one with the lizards dancing to “Thriller” tied with 5.2% each.

On the Doritos commercial, one reader posited a plausible Friday Files-ish alternative, “…my son was sure it was going to end by showing the guy with an empty bag and then trying to get the last Dorito off the trap with predictable results …”

Coke’s Balloon battle was the favorite of 4.7% (one reader noted, “I had a hard time deciding between Coke Balloon Battle and Rocky Budweiser. Eventually Charlie Brown won out. It’s about time Charlie got something he wanted. If it had to be Coke and not the Great Pumpkin than so be it.” , Bud Light’s ‘fire” was cited by 4.2% , tied with the Pepsi Max bobbing heads, just ahead (no pun intended) of the Audi take-off on the Godfather and Fed-Ex’s carrier pigeons, which each garnered the affection of 3.7% .

Others cited   were:

  • Tide's talking stain (3.1%)
  • Shaquille O'Neill as a jockey for Vitamin Water (2.1%)
  • AMP's Push It (the one with the guy and the jumper cables (though at least one reader described that one as "disturbed", and several others noted that they knew someone who was "just like that guy" (1.6%)
  • Pepsi's closer to Timberlake (1.6%)
  • Bud Light's Cheese Run (1.6%)
  • Bud Light's Jackie Moon (Will Farrell) (1.6%)

Also cited (but not by many) were Coke's strange bedfellows, Toyota's ferocious badgers, Planters' "too good to be true", T-Mobile's Hey Chuck,'s follow your heart, and Victoria's Secret's let the real games begin.

To round out the totals, 3.7% said they didn't watch, 2.1% didn't like ANY of them, and 2.1% wanted to pick an ad that wasn't on my list - but half of those voted for one that WAS on my list (they just didn't find it).   Several cited the ones for the NFL (particularly the one with the musical instruments) - and one noted, "I actually liked the promo for the Sarah Connor Chronicles, where the Terminator broke through and beat up that animated football/robot thing. I've wanted to do that myself." 

One reader noted, "Mean Joe Greene still beats them all, with the possible exception of the Budweiser Clydesdales kneeling in salute toward Manhattan in the Super Bowl in 2002."

I had a hard time deciding between Coke Baloon Battle and Rocky Budwiser. Eventually Charlie Brown wone out. It's about time Charlie got something he wanted. If it had to be Coke and not the Great Pumpkin than so be it.

One reader cited an ad I didn't remember, "The one ad my husband and I love is a clever ad for the NFL where the Miami Dolphin players are at someone's house, playing football in the front yard when a delivery truck pulls up. A man in a Giants shirt gives Mercury Morris a box and inside is an NFL football with a statement "enjoy it for another year. Love, Eli" (or something like that). Then it cuts to a picture of a sign with the name of the town: Perfection, Population 1."    I'm guessing that one isn't running in New England.

But this week's Editor's Choice goes to the reader who said, "I never left the room and I don't remember half of these ads!"

Thanks to everyone who participated in our survey!

There are any number of sites where the ads from the Super Bowl have been posted.  Bear in mind that not every ad is on every site. 

Here are several (just in case you have trouble accessing some of them):