SURVEY SAYS: Who is Your World Series Pick?

October 20, 2011 ( - OK, I know there are a lot of disappointed baseball fans on both coasts.


This week, I asked readers who they were rooting for in the World Series – the Cardinals, the Rangers, the 2012 MLB season – or something else? 

The split between those rooting for the two teams was VERY close – and the voting was “enthusiastic,” to say the least. 

But before we get to that, it’s worth noting that about one-in-ten (10.4%) were rooting for “some other sport”, 12.9% were pulling for “something/anything else”, and 11.7% were cheering for…”other.”  More on that in a minute.

Additionally, 6.7% were looking ahead to next year (ostensibly their team(s) were NOT represented in the World Series), and 4.3% were simply looking ahead to the end of THIS season (ostensibly they don’t follow and/or care about baseball).

Now, as for the “others”…


As it often is, “other” proved to be a real potpourri of responses. 

Several were following other sports:

I don't follow football.  ; )

I'm rooting for the NBA lockout.  Hopefully we won't have to see any NBA games for the 2011-2012 season.

Hockey Season and the Washington Capitals.

Not rooting for either; with delay of basketball season I am just hoping the WS goes all 7 games!

The baseball season is too long.  College football is here.

Nebraska Cornhuskers!

It's football season and I cheer for the Steelers.

My kid's school soccer teams.


Some were following other teams:

I'm a Yankee Fan ... WAIT TIL NEXT YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One of many disappointed Red Sox fans.

I was rooting for the Tigers.  Now I don't care.

I am a devastated Phillies Plan and cannot answer at this time.

Unless my team is involved I don't care.  Sports seasons are too long anyway (ALL professional sports), and they overlap the start of other sports' seasons.


At least one was following other team(s) in other sports:  “Now that the Brewers are out, I'm rooting for the Packers.  I always root for the Packers.  Go Pack Go!”


And some weren’t “following” at all:

I don't follow.

Want it to be over asap so that Fox can get back to its regularly scheduled programming (aka "The New Girl"

An end to sports I must be the only one.

A heretic from Boston, I'm praying for the death of the Red Sox Religion. Gosh I hate that sport....


That brings us to the REAL question behind this week’s survey – which team were readers rooting for in the World Series? 

The result – by a slim 28.2% to 25.8% margin was…



The St. Louis Cardinals!


Now, I’m a lifelong Cardinals fan – and while I would never have expected to see the Cardinals in the playoffs, much less the World Series, it’s been fun to watch (particularly as seen through the eyes of my friends who are, shall we say “enthusiastic” supporters of the Red Sox, Yankees, and Phillies).  In that spirit, I asked readers to weigh in with comments on baseball, rooting for teams that are in the World Series, rooting for teams that aren't in the World Series, or how wonderful it is to be a Cardinals fan…. 

You’ll enjoy reading these:

I always pull for guys who are great for the game like Pujols. He's a class act and one of the best players of our time. While I'm not rooting against Texas, I'd like to see the Cards win. It'll be a good series but as a Yanks fan what I hope for most is the Yanks sending away A-Rod for good!!

I'm a lifelong Cardinals fan. I don't know how wonderful that is, but it's a wonder they've made it this far this season. I'm just enjoying the unexpected ride.

I live for the day when the San Diego Padres get their day in the sun.

Why is it not wonderful to be a Rangers fan?

It is wonderful to be a Texas Rangers fan!!!

Stan Musial is smiling!


After watching the Red Sox 'epic fail', I'm just hoping 2012 is a better year for all of us here in Boston.

I would like to see Texas take the series Go TEXAS!

I'm from Kansas City, and since the Royals won't be in the World Series any time soon, I'm happy to root for the other side of the state!

Texas because they are the underdog - they haven't ever won the World Series.  But I won't be watching the games.  It's football season for crying out loud!!

"With ""Don Tony"" managing, it's interesting and rewarding cheering for the Redbirds - win or lose.

Baseball as it should be played.

The hottest team at the end often wins the Series.  Definitely a toss-up this year.

Just glad that the ""big money"" teams will be watching."

I love matter the sport or season.  What a great way to get a city/town/large group together !!!


Just hoping the  Minnesota Twins do better next year.  Go Twins!

It's great to be a Cardinals fan!  Our family has tickets for the whole series.  The hard part is deciding who gets to go to which game and who they are taking with them.

Baseball is one of the most boring sports -- only tolerable if attending in person.

I'll be routing for the Cardninals to win even though they knocked my Phillies out of the playoffs.  As a lifetime Phillies fan I have learned to say "Wait til next year!"

Yankees will always be number 1, the most successful sports frachise in history.  Cardinals have a rich history, but are still WAY behind.

"I haven't had time or a TV at home on which to watch anything for a while now, so the World Series is not as big of a deal to me since I have not been building up to it by watching the regular season, then the playoffs. 

It's always a bit weird for me when I have no hardcore rooting interest in the two teams playing for the title.  As a Cubs fan, I find it impossible to root for St. Louis, but all of the Cardinals fans I know are lovely people so I find it harder to hate on them because of that."


I was hoping that the Yankees would make it so that the Wall Street protesters would be kicked out to make way for the ticker tape parade. New Yorkers have been pretty tolerant of the protesters taking up space for a month, but if they dared try raining on a Yankee World Series victory ticker tape parade, Fuggedaboudit!

So sad that the Cardinals beat out my Brewers!  I would have loved to see them in the World Series.  I was only 4 years old the last time they made an appearance.

I'm torn. I'm a Cubs fan, so I hate the Cards, but I usually root for the NL champ in the World Series. Also, I happen to live in Texas and that beautiful Ranger's ballpark is the site of my son's first visit to a big league game. Puljos is a joy to watch for any baseball fan, so I'll hold my nose and stick with Cards until the instant the series is over. Then, as usual, I'll be waiting for next year...

I am a Cubs fan and bleed blue but the National League rocks.  This is the only time I will root for the red birds.   We need a 1st baseman in Chicago.  Would love to have Big Al come to the Windy City.

Unfortunately, most professional team sports are based on show-me-the-money not local fans.  It is a big business supported by advertising dollars not fan loyalty.

I like watching baseball no matter who is playing!  But mostly I like going to the stadiums and watching all the crazy people!  It's fun seeing them get excited about a baseball game.  Now if we could just get them that excited about retirement planning!

The good thing about the World Series it that it reminds me that the ice hockey season is here.


It's wonderful to see the Yankees and Mr. April thru September, nee A-Rod, sitting home watching the World Series on TV once again. Even better was watching him strike out in the 7th inning of Game 5 with the bases loaded and again in the bottom of the 9th to end the game!

Somebody needs to fix my Dodgers!

As in every other year you have had this survey, I stopped being a fan of professional baseball since the strike of 94-95 with the complete cancellation of the 1994 World Series.  Since professional baseball is all about the money, I'm using mine for other more worthwhile purposes.

I'm a CUBS fan for baseball - I never expect to be watching at this time of year; it would break tradition.  As for Cardinals fans, I had a good friend that was a big Cardinals fan and we used to rib each other constantly.  She was my service rep at our 401(k) provider for over 10 years and a true friend as well.  She died in a car wreck a year ago and I think of and miss her daily.  She would have loved seeing the Cardinals in the series this year!!  So in honor of her I will root, root, root for the Cardinals and if they don't win it will be a shame.

I lost my husband earlier this year and the Cardinals were his favorite National League team.  So, I rooting for the Cardinals in memory of my husband.  Personally, I don't give a hoot who wins.

The Braves are no longer playing.   Ergo, the baseball season is over.

It is wonderful to be a Cardinals fan.  They are playing in their 18th World Series, second only to the Yankees.  And they've won ten, second only to the Yankees.  I believe they have the most loyal and dedicated and passionate and civil fans in all of baseball.


I never root for Texas....

After Bobby Cox retired & the Braves traded everyone & then tanked, I lost interest in baseball.  Haven't even thought about that sport since college (SEC) football season started.

Disband the NBA!!!  What a bunch of greedy !@#*&!^!

Since the Boston Red Sox are out, I am rooting for Josh Hamilton.  He has come a long way in rebuilding his life.  He seems to be holding up well to the pressure of the playoffs.  He even participated in the ceremony for a fan who died at a Rangers game trying to catch a ball the Hamilton tossed to him in the upper deck.


Baseball is a sport?  Too much standing around doing nothing to be a sport.  It's just a summertime diversion between basketball and football seasons.

Let' Go Rangers!!!!

I have to root against St. Louis because they beat my Brewers!

Will my Cubbies ever make the World Series?  Let's just get there first.  Then I'll worry about them winning it.

Hope the SF Giants return next year, to beat the Rangers again in 2012.

It is amazing that St. Louis has made it this far without the services of Adam Wainwright all season and losing Albert Pujols for about a month this summer.  One day maybe my Pirates will be relevant again.  Someone asked me if I could put a finger on where it all went wrong and I said I don't have enough fingers! 

I'm rooting for the Cards just because I have a dear friend in St Louis who is a die-hard Cards fan and she is such a sweetie, I feel like I am rooting for her. My Red Sox will get their collective acts together and be back next year. Sigh. Having a flash back to last century.

I am pumped. I grew up in St Louis and live and work in St Louis now. The Cards have the best franchise and best fans in the MLB- plus best team.

Not rooting for either team.  Can't root for the Rangers as they are an American League team and can't root for the Cardinals, as I'm a longtime Reds fan.  So I'm done with baseball until pitchers and catchers report for training!

There's a basketball lockout now?  Oh...sigh.... let's see...sun is still rising...and is still turning...guess it's no big deal. I hope it goes on FOREVER. Then folks will realize we don't really need professional athletes. Why aren't the wall street protestors upset with athlete's salaries????

But this week’s Editor’s Choice goes to the reader who explained, “I am not a Cardinals fan.  I just like their name better.”

Thanks to everyone who participated in our survey!