SURVEY SAYS: Workplace Temperature During the Summer

We recently covered a survey which found 15% of workers say they have argued with a coworker about office temperature.

Last week, I asked NewsDash readers, “During the summer months, do you think your workplace temperature is too hot or too cold? Also, which listed options have you done concerning the office temperature in your workplace?”


Nearly half of responding readers (47.2%) reported that during the summer months, their workplace temperature is too cold. Three in 10 (30.6%) described it as sometimes too hot but sometimes too cold, while 16.7% said it was too hot, and only 5.6% said it was just right.


While nearly half (46%) of responding readers admitted they have secretly adjusted the workplace thermostat, the majority reported they have complained to co-workers (68.2%) and to management (50.8%). Only 9.5% of respondents indicated they have argued with co-workers about workplace temperature, and only 1.2% have argued with managers.


Responses by readers who chose to leave comments suggest that most workplaces do not get the temperature right. Most readers say their workplace is cold no matter what the season. Readers suggested keeping a sweater or jacket at work, dressing in layers and using space heaters or a fan. One reader who feels their workplace is too hot is anxiously awaiting the woman in charge of the thermostat going through menopause. Editor’s Choice goes to the reader who said: “Remember the working at home survey? All arguments disappear :)”


Thanks to everyone who participated in the survey!



It’s generally too cold in the winter and also too cold in the summer – go figure!

Our office is 67 degrees year round and I run a space heater year round.

Everyone wants it changed: what I find difficult is when people use fans in the winter and then heaters in the summer.

You can never make everyone happy… so dress in layers and bring a fan in the summer!

Part of the challenge is that the obesity epidemic has added a thick layer of insulation to about half of the office cohort. They sweat and complain while those of average girth struggle against the gale force blasts of Arctic temps from the AC system. First world problems.

I haven’t done anything concerning the temperature. The office is always freezing when the AC is on, so I just make sure I always have a sweater with me. It’s a lot easier to get warm with extra layers than try to cool off when it’s too warm!

I have not argued, complained or adjusted the thermostat. I am normally warm, so I brought in a fan. Problem solved.

Some people just like to complain. Unless you tell someone that can do something about it – and let them know where in the building you are located – you don’t really want them to fix the problem!

Summer, winter, it doesn’t matter; it’s always too cold! We’ve been told that the thermostats in our office area don’t even control the air in our office area; not much we can do about that except wear parkas and mittens in July!

I like it colder, so space heaters or heating mats are just fine for those that like it warmer.

Some people feel entitled to a specific temperature. Sometimes I get what I want. Sometimes I don’t. Dress accordingly and deal with it.

I look forward to getting in my scorching hot car at the end of the day to defrost.

If it’s too cold, you can always put a sweater on. If it’s too hot, you can’t always take something off! Dress in layers and you can’t go wrong.

It almost seems like we need to wear sweaters in the summer, and short sleeves in the winter because then it’s too hot!

I understand that a large facility such as ours is difficult to regulate temps to keep everyone comfortable. I dress in layers.

Between the way the sun rays hit the office windows differently on different sides of the building, and the way the thermostat works with the cooling system, with only one cooling zone for four large rooms it is nearly impossible to keep the temperature “just right.”

I usually go outside to warm up and always have a sweater with me in the office. I’m envious of those with an internal heater!

I am always cold so I keep a heavy sweater at work and have an “unauthorized” space heater under my desk.

We can contact our facilities team to let them know it is too hot or cold, and they come to our area with a gadget to verify the temp. I sat under a blower so they installed a deflector so the air would be deflected from me to someone else (Yep that could be you!!! haha). I also used a blanket for my lap, a sweater, and I wore gloves in the summer. In the winter I wore short sleeves and lighter clothing. A new manager came on for my department and rearranged our seats so that no one sits under or near the blower. So now I only need a sweater in the summer and in the winter I wear sleeveless shirts and lighter clothing!

I am warm-natured. It’s generally comfortable at my current job, but I remember a prior job in Dallas where even I was sometimes cold in the summer and would go outside to warm up.

You can always put a sweater on if it’s too cold, but trying to cool when it’s too hot is a whole other story.

Blankets in the summer and fans in the winter around here.

It’s always cold throughout the year. I use a heating pad on my lap to keep warm.

My workplace is too cold all year round. The fleece blankets abound.

Most of our building is fine, but our office is on a corner and we get the sun all day. So it’s always….always either too cold or too hot. So we have portable heaters and we wear layered clothing.

Most of the time the temperature is OK. Though some mornings it’s very chilly and afternoons it gets hot. If it gets too hot or cold I’ll adjust the thermostat accordingly. Even though it’s in a senior co-worker’s office. My office window faces west.

How certain co-workers can think that 78 with no air exchange is conducive to anything other than severe headaches is beyond me.

It’s odd that building maintenance says that the temperature is OK because the computer says it is.

General rule of offices is to dress in layers. Temperatures are almost invariably too cool.

Our office is so cold (year round) that most people keep sweaters or blankets at their desks.

I wouldn’t say I “Complained” that it was too hot or too cold, but I would comment that it is hot or cold, more to see if others agreed to determine whether we should adjust the thermostat.

I use the portable heater under my desk more often in the summer than the winter!!

In our office the temperature is largely determined by the assistant to one of the partners of the firm – so complaining about the temperature would only cause problems. Once she starts going through menopause we will finally get her to lower the temperature on the thermostat!!

Remember the working at home survey? All arguments disappear 🙂

I’ve mentioned that I think it’s too cold, but I don’t complain or argue about it – I suck it up and deal with it!

I am always cold…it could be the middle of July and I would still have my space heater on full blast! Our office has some pretty big windows so I’ll go from freezing to just full on sweating!! Usually no in between!

I just wish people would respect each other’s differences and compromise. I’m in KS and my former co-worker from FL refused to buy winter clothes, and kept the thermostat at 80 throughout the winter. Meanwhile, those of us dressed for the weather in layers and sweaters were miserable because of this selfish person.

I keep a sweater at my workstation and when it is cold, I put my sweater on. Some days I feel like I’m constantly putting my sweater on and then taking it off, but that might have more to do with my age than the room temperature!

Most of the building is at a comfortable temp, but my office gets really hot when that darn sun shines in. Welcome in winter, not so much in summer!

I just make sure I have a sweater or jacket every day. I don’t like to bare my shoulders at work anyway, so it’s not a huge problem.

Three post-menopausal women and we still can’t agree on the temperature! Go figure!!

I keep a fan and a sweater in my office at all times.

The men win. The men keep the workplace like a “meat locker” so all of the women have sweaters on the backs of their chairs. Granted the men do have to wear pants, shirts, socks, ties etc. and the women can wear sleeveless dresses and sandals but the temperature setting is set to accommodate and keep the men comfortable.

Staff (mostly women) complain about it being too cold in the office. I’d rather be too cold then too warm. The temperature control for our office building is remotely controlled by an Energy Manager so there is no adjusting the thermostat.

At one place I worked there was a very overweight woman in our department that was always hot. So, she would adjust the thermostat and crank the AC, which would cause me to freeze. However, the thermostat she kept adjusting did not control the temperature in her office, just the area that I worked in. So we had a constant temperature adjustment battle. I had a conversation with her to explain that the thermostat that controlled her office was across the hallway. She didn’t listen. I complained to our manager. Nothing. I finally asked one of the facilities guys to come and explain to her and show her which thermostat controlled which area. She didn’t believe him either. Luckily we ended up moving to a new building where one thermostat would control three offices. Before the move I said it was non-negotiable that I would be on the same thermostat as this woman. It all finally worked out.

Just this morning, I sent an email to maintenance to raise the temp in the office, as it appears overnight we made ice cubes!

We joke, dress opposite of the season, dress warm in the summer and short-sleeves in the winter.

If you complain to facilities mgmt. about the temp, they just come to your desk and show you a thermometer that shows 72 degrees. Then they walk away. Awesome. Guess I’ll keep wearing three shirts to work.

My office is usually 72 or more degrees and muggy. Last week it hit 76 and I thought I might just boil away. What people don’t get is if you don’t leave the air conditioner alone, the moisture doesn’t get out of the air. Paper curls; it smells like a gym and I want to retire more than ever. Miserable.

For #2, none of the above. I have a blanket I wrap myself in when it gets too cold.

It’s always much too cold, summer and winter. Quite ridiculous!

Working remotely 100% of the time I have no problem with workplace temperature….I just wish that my “office mates” (two old Labs) could dial down the snoring once in a while.

I am usually cold year round! I use a space heater in my office, which helps…. until I have to go to a chill box for a meeting, otherwise known as a conference room.

I am lucky enough to spend most days in a small satellite office. We adjust the temperature at will, and it just so happens I work with lovely people who ask each other “Are you comfortable? Is it OK if I adjust the temp up (or down)?” And then we compromise if need be. I suspect I am one of the lucky ones!



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