Survey: Workers Feel Major Stresses in June

July 2, 2003 ( - Nearly half of those responding to a recent poll by an employee benefits company (47%) said they got more stress from time management problems than anything else.

The Westport, Connecticut based LifeCare Inc., also reported in its news release that it had received 23% more requests for employee help with time management in June 2003 over the same month a year earlier. The reason, according to the company: “already-burdened employees feeling the added weight of seasonal events and other commitments that typically come up at this time of year.”

The company said referrals to housecleaning and other home-care services are also becoming much more widespread among the general worker population when they once were the nearly exclusive province of the high-income worker group.

Among the top personal obligations reported by employees are:

  • children’s extra-curricular and end-of-school-year activities
  • summer child care programs
  • graduations
  • weddings
  • family commitments
  • community events
  • yard- and home-improvement projects
  • moving
  • travel plans.