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House Committee Quickly Advances SECURE Act

Like RESA, the SECURE Act contains popular measures to help Americans prepare for their long-term financial future by expanding opportunities to save for retirement in tax-qualified accounts.

How Open MEPs Could Change the Retirement Plan Market

Not immediately, but over time, with passage of open MEP legislation, plan sponsors will see a change in service delivery, plan advisers will have to consider different distribution paths, and plan providers will experience both innovation and disintermediation.

ERISA Annuity Safe Harbor Bill Introduced in House

H.R. 1439, known as the Increasing Access to a Secure Retirement Act, would establish a stronger Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) safe harbor for defined contribution (DC) plan sponsors to offer in-plan guaranteed income products.

Open MEPs Will Be a Retirement Plan Market Disruptor

If legislation allowing for open multiple employer plans (MEPs) is passed, it will be a while before implementation, and changes it will bring will affect services and business models of nearly every stakeholder in the retirement plan industry.

House Tax and Retirement Reform Bill Includes Provisions Not Included in Previous Bill

"The new legislation contains language addressing key IRI concerns including providing retirement plan participants with an illustration of how current savings would translate into an income stream in retirement and enhancements to automatic enrollment and contribution escalation features in retirement plans,” says Cathy Weatherford, president and CEO of the Insured Retirement Institute.

Barry’s Pickings: November 7—Five Good Questions

Michael Barry, president of October Three (O3) Plan Advisory Services LLC, points out that, while the candidates for the midterm elections are not spouting their views on retirement policy as part of their platforms, the results of the elections may indeed affect retirement policy.