Teenager Shocked by Facebook Firing

March 25, 2010 (PLANSPONSOR.com) - A 16-year-old girl in England was shocked when she read a Facebook message from her boss that said she was fired.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that Chelsea Taylor was sent the note, written in misspelled slang, by her manager at the Cookies coffee shop in Greater Manchester. Elaine Sutton told Chelsea she had lost her job because she had lost  £10 during a biscuit run for her co-workers.       

According to the news report, the message read: “hiya Chelsea its Elaine from work. Sorry to send u a message like this but bin tryin to ring u but gettin no joy.       

“I had to tell the owner bout u losin that tenner coz obviously the till was down at the end of day. she wasn’t very pleased at all and despite me trying to persuade her otherwise she said I have to let u go. I’m really sorry.       

“If u call in in the week with your uniform i’ll sort your wages out. Once again I’m really sorry but it’s out of my hands. Elaine xx.”       

Chelsea’s mother is furious about how her daughter has been treated.      

Another good reason not to friend your boss on Facebook (see Can Your Boss be Your Facebook Friend?).