The Workplace Makes for Some Entertaining Stories

November 20, 2007 ( - Considering the amount of time workers spend in the workplace and the motley crew of characters forced to associate in the work environment, one can expect there to occur some humorous, strange, and even shocking incidents in the workplace.

Perhaps it’s the amount of time workers spend at work that leads them to expect so much out of their employers and benefits offerings; like allowing a dog to come to work, awarding benefits for an unfortunate coffee cup incident, or treating worker alcoholism as a disability (See California Jury Finds Retaliation in Comfort Animal Case,Judge Upholds Coffee Cup Accident Benefits Denial , and Suspended NFL Players Claim Discrimination ).

Whoever says work is good for a person, should read these stories: Job Stress Puts on Pounds and Women’s Office Space Carry More Germs than Men’s . But, some researchers claim to have the solution to job stress (See Let Employees Curse at Work, &@*#! ) and some workers have their own ways to relieve job stress (See Falling Asleep Ranks as Most Common Workplace Taboo and Flirts Flourish in Western Workplaces: Survey ).

Speaking of workplace hazards, watch out for dancing coworkers… and mosquitoes (See Co-Worker Sued for “Negligent Dancing” and Canadian Plasterer Wins Insurance Benefits Appeal ) … and scamming coworkers (See Employee Cries Wolf for Donated Leave Time from Others ).

These stories remind us that sexual harassment claims are not just for women anymore: Sex Harassment Case Reinstated by Appellate Panel and Male Employee Claims Sexual Harassment by Female Supervisor .

These stories are just “different:” Judges Rule Transsexual Not Covered by Federal Job Protections , Court Clears Path for Dunkin’ Donuts Pork Sale Suit and Disabled USPS Employee Sues Over Denial of Working Lunch Break , and a maternity clothes retailer that discriminates against pregnant workers is just ironic (See Maternity Clothes Retailer Settles Discrimination Suit for $375,000 ).