TIAA Traditional Annuity Gives Participants Stability

December 8, 2009 ( – TIAA-CREF has seen continued participant interest in its flagship product, the TIAA Traditional Annuity.

The TIAA Traditional Annuity guarantees principal and pays a guaranteed minimum interest rate during the accumulation phase with the potential for greater growth through additional amounts, which may be declared on a year-by-year basis by the TIAA Board of Trustees, according to an announcement. In retirement, the TIAA Traditional Annuity provides a guaranteed stream of income. 

The TIAA general account backing TIAA Traditional primarily invests in corporate and government bonds, structured finance instruments (such as mortgage-backed securities), and real estate. Accumulations can be converted to a fixed life annuity in retirement, among other withdrawal options.

“Two-thirds of TIAA-CREF plan participants have allocated funds to TIAA Traditional, which helped these individuals during the economic crisis of the past year since a portion of their account was protected through the guarantees provided by TIAA Traditional,” said Ed Van Dolsen, head of Product Development and Management, TIAA-CREF, in the announcement.

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