Toronto Firm Seeks Jobs for Older Workers

June 17, 2005 ( - A Toronto company has dedicated itself to helping job seekers age 50 and older get matched with prospective employers.

Job seekers post a free profile to the Web site and employers pay a fee, according to a Hamilton (Ontario) Spectator news report. The newspaper said Prime50 has signed contracts with a number of employers, including Kodak, Travelodge, CIBC and a host of smaller companies.

Each person looking for work is contacted by a Prime50 general manager who, for a fee, offers job search training such as resume writing, image consulting, and interviewing and networking skills, according to the Spectator report.

While the goal is to help older workers find jobs, CEO Barry Witkin and his staff – all over 50 themselves – also want to be a catalyst for change. Witkin told the newspaper that too many employers buy into the myths that older workers will want too much money, won’t have computer skills, or will cost too much in benefits.

“Why wouldn’t an employer want to hire someone who is really good at what they do, really wants to do it and will do it for less?” Witkin told the newspaper.   

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