Toronto Presents the Lowest People Risk for Employers

September 27, 2010 ( - Toronto is the city with the lowest risk in the world to recruit, employ and relocate employees, according to Aon Consulting.

Aon Consulting’s People Risk Index measured the risks that organizations face with recruitment, employment and relocation in 90 cities worldwide by analyzing demographics, education, employment practices and government regulations. According to the Index, the five lowest risk cities for employers are Toronto, New York, Singapore, London and Montreal.  

A press release said Montreal and Toronto are among the five lowest risk cities primarily due to Canada’s low level of corruption; strict enforcement of equal opportunity laws; health and retirement benefits; and high quality and broad availability of training facilities. The main difference between the two is due to Toronto’s larger population as well as quality and broader availability of training resources, according to Aon.   

New York and London’s favorable ratings are attributable to world-class educational institutions and training facilities, and a large pool of qualified and experienced talent. Contributing to Singapore’s rating is its strict laws on discrimination and occupational health and safety, flexibility on personnel costs, lack of corruption and willingness to work with the private sector on human resources related issues.   

On the opposite end of the ratings, locations such as Dhaka, Bangladesh; Phnom Penh, Cambodia; Lagos, Nigeria; Karachi, Pakistan; and Tehran, Iran, represent the least desirable of the 90 cities for employers. A common contributing factor of the five cities with the highest risk is an urbanization rate faster than its city can manage. Dhaka, for example, has an estimated 12 million people living in a city originally designed for a population of one million, according to the press release.   

Ratings for education factors such as low literacy, limited spending on education, and low enrollment in secondary and tertiary education also are significant reasons for the high scores among the 10 highest risk cities.  

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