Towers Watson Appoints Two New CIOs

June 19, 2014 ( – Towers Watson made two executive appointments within the company’s investment business.

Craig Baker has taken on the new role of global chief investment officer (CIO) and is responsible for all aspects of the investment business’s philosophy and process. Chris Mansi takes on the new role of global delegated CIO, with responsibility for the construction and management of delegated clients’ portfolios.

“In order to provide a competitive advantage for our clients, we have to make the best possible use of our global resources, both in finding investment ideas and in helping our clients decide which investments are appropriate for their portfolios,” says Chris Ford, global head of investment for Towers Watson. “There are significant advantages to be gained by this approach of establishing a level playing field among alpha, smart beta and bulk beta investments, as well as by treating risk management as a source of value creation rather than considering only return generation.

“To this end, Craig’s role as global CIO for our whole investment business brings together all of our research and portfolio construction resources,­” Ford explains. “He will be responsible for our investment philosophy and approach across both advisory and delegated services, ensuring consistency across the investment processes used in each case.”

Ford adds, “In an increasing number of jurisdictions, our clients are asking us to augment their internal resources by taking on the responsibility for implementing part or their entire portfolio through a delegated or outsourced CIO service. In appointing Chris Mansi to the role of global CIO for our delegated service, with responsibility for portfolio management for these clients, we will further increase our ability to deliver our best investment ideas to these clients, whatever their jurisdiction.”

Baker and Mansi have worked in most areas of Towers Watson’s investment business during their tenures of 20 and 15 years, respectively.