Towers Watson Sets Out Multinational Pooling Network Matrix

March 7, 2011 ( - Towers Watson has unveiled its 2011 Multinational Pooling Network Matrix.


According to the consultancy, multinational pooling and captive benefit financing are increasingly important tools for multinational companies, and by “better leveraging your global purchasing power through pooling and captive arrangements, you can maximize cost savings for your employee benefit programs around the world and optimize nonfinancial benefits, such as improved service and underwriting”. 

Towers Watson’s 2011 Multinational Pooling Network Matrix provides a listing of the eight key multinational pooling networks, their affiliated insurers across 160 countries and the offshore (TCN/Expat) capabilities for each. For each country, the consultancy says it has listed only insurers that can provide local admitted policies and products.

Towers Watson says that it can assist in all elements of multinational pooling, including:

  • Multinational pooling and captive feasibility assessment and implementation  
  • Global benefit funding strategy development
  • Performance assessments of current multinational pools and local funding alternatives
  • Ongoing management of pooling or captive arrangements — an area where many companies are looking for external help, according to the firm
  • Participation in the firms Captive User Group meetings

The 2011 Multinational Pooling Network Matrix is available at