Tubby Workers: My Office Made Me Not Do it

January 10, 2005 (PLANSPONSOR.com) - They may be tubby and out of shape, but many workers blame their fight with fat on their work environment.

A new poll by ComPsych Corporation, an employee assistance program provider, found that 67% of workers blame their office surroundings for hindering New Years’ resolutions about losing weight or exercising more.

“Though the work setting often runs counter to healthy lifestyles – with people stressed, increasingly sitting at desks and not having time to eat healthy meals – employers are actively trying to change that for both the personal life and work life of employees,” Richard Chaifetz, chairman and CEO of ComPsych said in a news release.

When asked whether their work environment helped or hindered their New Years’ resolution (i.e., losing weight or exercising more), employees responded:

  • It has hindered – work stress causes me to eat poorly/exercise less – 42 %
  • It has hindered – the social environment influences me to eat poorly (dining out; having food around) or exercise less (sitting at meetings and at desk) – 25 %
  • Neither – 18 %
  • It has helped – work keeps me busy, active and away from the fridge – 8 %
  • It has helped – my workplace encourages me to eat healthy and exercise – 7 %

The survey was conducted from December 2, 2004, to January 6, 2005, receiving responses from employees of more than 1,000 ComPsych client companies nationwide.