Turner Announces Long-Short Fund

July 31, 2008 (PLANSPONSOR.com) - A suburban Philadelphia money manager has unveiled a 130/30 mutual fund.

A news release said the Turner Core Growth 130/30 Fund is a no-load stock fund that uses a long/short technique designed to take advantage of both rising and falling stock prices.

The Turner Core Growth 130/30 Fund invests primarily in companies with medium to large market capitalizations across all major market sectors. As with all of Turner’s growth funds, the investment process of this fund involves a synthesis of fundamental, technical, and quantitative analysis, the company said.

Typically, 100% of the fund’s capital is invested in long positions of companies that Turner believes have strong earnings growth potential and will appreciate in value over time, while 30% of the fund’s value is used to short stocks in companies with deteriorating fundamentals. The proceeds from the short sales are then used to purchase additional long stocks.

The Turner Core Growth 130/30 Fund typically holds 60 to 80 stocks in long positions and 25 to 35 stocks in short positions. The fund’s goal is to beat its performance benchmark, the Russell 1000 Growth Index.

The fund is available through two share classes, Investor Class and Institutional Class shares. The minimum initial investment in Investor Class shares is $2,500. The minimum initial investment for Institutional Class shares is $250,000.

Robert E. Turner, lead portfolio manager and chairman and chief investment officer of Turner Investment Partners, Inc., manages the Turner Core Growth 130/30 Fund. He is assisted by David J. Honold Jr., Vijay Shankaran, and Mark D. Turner, who serve as co-managers of the fund, according to the announcement.