US Justice Department Loses Age Discrimination Suit

August 12, 2005 ( - The US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) ruled for former Assistant US Attorney John Carver, finding the US Justice Department guilty of age discrimination.

The EEOC upheld a previous ruling for Carver in 2002, according to the Seattle Times. The US Attorney’s Office of Western Washington is ordered to give Carver his job back and pay him wages back to 1996. The commission has also ordered the Justice Department to hold equal opportunity training.

Carver filed his complaint in 1996 after being rejected for a job in the department’s drug and fraud unit, according to the newspaper. Former US Attorney Kate Pflaumer rejected Carver, who was then 46, for the position, and hired a 33 year old attorney with less experience.

Pflaumer contends that Carver was turned down for the position because he seemed unenthusiastic about the position. But, the paper said Carver recalled a conversation with Pflaumer about why he was rejected for the job, in which she told him she wanted to build a “junior varsity” of lawyers who could replace the department’s veteran attorneys when they retired.

Carver was pleased with the ruling, but didn’t know if he would return to work with the Justice Department.