Veros Introduces New Investment Solutions Suite

August 4, 2003 ( - Veros Financial Solutions has uncorked a new investment solutions suite allowing investors to build custom portfolios.

OptimumFUNDS generates portfolios containing collections of stocks, currencies, or other securities. The software employs predictive technologies to create, automatically adjust, update and optimize the compositions and weights of the underlying securities in the portfolios, according to a news release.

To achieve this, the suite includes three separate units:

  • TrackerPLUS 1.0 – this unit allows investors to generate portfolios designed to track user-selected target compositions that may include mutual funds, ETFs, indices or any combination of custom targets.   The portfolios then track and mirror the performance of the entire selected target portfolio.
  • HedgerPLUS 1.0 – investors can generate portfolios to hedge an investment in investor-selected mutual funds, ETFs, indices or custom targets. Each portfolio combines long/short positions and even allows the user to identify and utilize mutual fund arbitrage opportunities.
  • OptiMAX 1.0 – this unit builds portfolios that incorporate factors such as risk tolerance, sector balancing, and volatility to create and balance long/short portfolios tailored to repeat custom-made patterns.

More information is available at .