Wall Street in Turmoil Offers Executive Hiring Opportunities

December 1, 2008 (PLANSPONSOR.com) - CTPartners' 14th annual list of hot executive jobs reflects a shift from volume hiring to strategic hiring.

While U.S. job losses reached 1.2 million in October 2008, bringing the number of unemployed Americans to 10 million, opportunities still exist for talented individuals and companies with innovative ideas, CTPartners said in a press release.

Wall Street in Turmoil

Even amid massive layoffs on Wall Street, there is a need for highly skilled executives to transform the financial services industry, according to CTPartners. As government rescue programs play out, global companies will require top talent to rethink strategy, reshape organizations, and develop the next generation of corporate leaders.

In addition, executing the rescue plan will require experts in disciplines like risk management, restructuring, and financial engineering.

Some laid-off executives will start their own new companies, many on the Internet, and some others may be rehired by financial services firms needing their skills for restructuring, M&A, turnaround initiatives, and workouts, the executive search firm predicts.

Finally, new regulations will require compliance and legal experts.

According to the press release, Wall Street in turmoil will be hiring these positions:

1) Restructuring Officer

2) Turnaround expert

3) Distressed Asset Manager

4) Workout specialist

5) Managing Partner, LBO

6) Financial Engineering Specialist

7) Bankruptcy Attorney

8) Head of Compliance

9) Merger and Acquisition Specialist

Alternative energy will drive new jobs and new private equity investment in Energy Technology. Strategic as well as hands-on green collar roles will be created related to solar, wind and other renewable sources. A strong push to retrofit commercial buildings will make them energy efficient across industries from retailing, manufacturing, aerospace and pharma to automotive, semiconductor and hospitality.

Opportunities also exist in investment funds focused on renewable and clean energy.

According to CTPartners, job titles for 2009 include:

10) Head of Facilities Management

11) Chief Energy Officer

12) Corporate VP, Environmental Affairs

13) EVP, Government Relations

Health care is one of the sectors that did reasonably well in 2008, CTPartners points out. The introduction of new drugs and drug companies marketing directly to consumers rather than just to doctors continue to make new drugs more and more profitable, and with patents on major drugs expiring, R&D remains under pressure to develop new ones.

In addition, personalized medicine will drive new skill sets in large pharma, specialized pharma, and biotech, and health care informatics demands roles that combine knowledge of both the payer and provider space.

Jobs titles in demand, according to CTPartners, include:

14) VP, R&D

15) Key Opinion Leader

16) VP, Business Development

17) Head of Clinical Development

18) Manager, Product Portfolio

19) VP, Informatics

The press release said when credit becomes available again, a private equity boom is possible because valuations will remain low. Venture capital investment in 2009 will continue to hunt down great technologies.

Job opportunities include:

20) Operating Partner, portfolio companies

21) Infrastructure Specialist for start ups in initiatives promoted by new administration

22) CEO, alternative energy start up

23) Head of Consumer Direct

Other jobs that made CTPartners' Executive Hot Jobs list include:

  • In Social Media,

24) VP, Community

25) Chief Revenue Officer

26) Head of Digital Media

27) Head of Internet Advertising Sales

28) Head of Advanced New Media Technology

29) President, International Online Initiatives

  • In Infrastructure,

30) Infrastructure Analyst

31) Director of Infrastructure & Operations

32) Senior Infrastructure Architect

  • On Corporate Boards,

33) Nominating Committee

34) Governance Committee

35) Compensation Committee.

More about CTPartners can be found at www.ctnet.com .