Workers Reluctant to Talk Stress with Managers

December 14, 2004 ( - Even though two third of workers say they've experienced job stress, nearly four in 10 (37%) are uncomfortable talking about their stress level with their manager, a new survey found.

The Accenture HR Services poll of 600 full-time US workers found that 55% of workers do not know about any formal work-related stress programs offered by their employers. Particularly acute stress at the holidays may be because of having more personal commitments in addition to workers’ regular workplace responsibilities, researchers said.

Other findings include that:

  • nearly four in 10 (37%) say they’ve even considered quitting because of work stress
  • almost a third of workers say holiday stress forced them to take a day off from work
  • women are more likely than men to take a day due to holiday stress
  • younger workers are more like to need stress holidays

Despite their stress levels, half of American workers (51%) rate their productivity level during the holidays as the same as the rest of the year – and even 25% say they are more productive at work around the holidays at other times, according to a news release.

What can be done about it? Workers suggest:

  • allowing flexible hours
  • being sensitive to work/life balances
  • allowing workers to take time off
  • being understanding about workers’ personal commitments.

Penn, Schoen and Berland Associates conducted the poll for Accenture HR Services on November 22, 2004. More information about Accenture is at .