Workers Report Declines in Teamwork, Communication

June 23, 2008 ( - Business & Legal Reports, Inc.'s (BLR) National Employee Attitude Survey found that workers see teamwork declining throughout their organizations, and also report communications between departments has fallen off since last year.

According to a BLR news release, from 2007 to 2008, employee attitudes on companywide teamwork declined 3% from already weak numbers, with interdepartmental teamwork also declining 2%. Employee attitudes regarding communication between departments also declined 3%.

Employees continued to feel that their managers were fair and even-handed; however, this ranking also declined in 2008 by 1%, BLR said. On recognizing good work, employees gave management an almost even rating from last year.

Workers rated their commitment to quality extremely high, but even that declined 0.5%. Employees also said with a little less certainty that they would recommend their workplaces to friends and family looking for a job.

BLR said that due to the tremendous response by companies to the 2008 NEAS, it has decided to keep the survey open and free to all who apply, and will continue to report ongoing changes in employee attitudes in the workplace.

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