Workers Say Backs Patted Infrequently

October 24, 2003 ( - A scant one in 10 employees participating in a recent poll said they get thanked daily for doing a good job by their supervisor.

The Maritz Poll indicated only 10% of employees reported that they have supervisors who say “thank you” for a job well done on a daily basis, according to HR Management.

The poll found that a quarter of workers (26%) are seldom or never thanked by their supervisor, while a third get an occasional thanks and 35% are thanked “frequently.”

Women supervisors are more likely to express their appreciation, with 40% of female supervisors praising direct reports once a day, compared to 31% of male supervisors.

The supervisors have a different view of giving workplace appreciation. In contrast to what employees say, 34% of supervisors surveyed claim they praise their direct reports once a day; 37% praise them once a week; 8% praise them twice a month; 8% praise once a month; 7% praise less than once a month; and 6% never praise their direct reports.

Finally, the poll found that an employee looking for a pat on the back should probably look first at the person at the next desk since coworkers are more likely to say thanks than supervisors. About 34% of employees say “thank you” to a coworker on a daily basis and 47 % of employees say “thank you” to a coworker frequently.